March Madness Stork Style

QIC:  Stork

Date: 03/17/2022

PAX: Mayhem, Pill Mill, Uncle Joe, Sousa, Sojourner, Blair Witch, Shawshank, Blackout, M.I.A.

AO: Legacy


Dry, 48 and comfortable


32 HC SSH (64 total), 16 HC Shoulder Blasters (32 total divided evenly among Seal claps, overhead claps, Shinooks, Cherry Pickers), 16 Lt. Dans OYO, brief FF OYO

The Thang

In honor of March Madness and the Tourney….games are 40mins. So, we did 40’s. Very similar to 11’s where total reps of 2 exercises is 40 with each round. Parking lot marked off at 94 feet for length of basketball court. 30 reps of exercise at one end, travel to other end to 10 reps, travel back and do 25/15, then 20/20, etc…until numbers flip. Exercise at one end is double merkin burpees, other end John McCain’s. Travel is a walk with block doing curls. 20 sec halftime, then ‘Run it back’ but exercises change to a higher tempo with LBC’s and Bobby Hurley’s, travel is a walk with block doing shoulder presses.

Finished with a couple of mins to spare so we did two suicide sprints down and back.


We are not built to stand alone. We are meant to be ‘leaners’. This example is seen in Scripture with the story of David. After his defeat of Goliath, David is on top of the world. He has a place in the court of the King, a best friend in Jonathan, a spiritual mentor in Nathan the prophet, status, power, a wife….all is his. But he is not ready to be king…God needs him to learn dependence of Him, not his possessions, power, position, or people around him. David was looked upon by God with favor…David did nothing wrong but yet God event by event stripped him of his possessions, power, position and people tell he was hiding in a cave, not even wanted by his enemies. God does this with us when we tend to isolate ourselves and try and do everything on our own. Remember you are a leaner, built to depend on God and allow Him to bring His servants into our lives for help.


Mumble chatter was present…grumbling was evident. To be honest, YHC was so gassed I could hardly hear for my sucking of wind. It was overheard that Sousa had rectal prolapse. The compliments at the beginning from the information that no Welsh Dragons would be involved might have gotten replaced with desire to go back to them by the end like the Israelites begging for a return to Egypt.


LOTS! Chubby’s, upcoming Poker Run at the battery, F4 weekend in May, Lookouts covergence this summer, Sousa farewell in early April, and probably a couple more!

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