Are you feeling LUCKY, punk?

QIC:  Shake N Bake

Date: 03/17/2022

PAX: FNG-Snow White, FNG-Miracle Grow, FNG-Neutron, FNG-Mcfly, FNG-Emmit, Ducktales, Milkman, Life Alert, Chunks, Starbucks, Tasty Cakes, Gretel, GeekSquad, Doogie, Blue, Dunde, 8 Seconds, Shamu, Hasbro, Hoveround, Roomba, Radiohead, Napoleon, Risky Business, U-Turn 

AO: The Huey


Low 50’s, light wind, very wet grounds.


Forward Fold OYO, Iraqi Tea Time, OYO, Little Baby Arm Circles in Cadence- Forward and Reverse- my brain couldn’t count properly and I can’t remember how many we did. Same thing goes for Seal Claps and Overhead Claps.

LUCKY- Introduction to some new movements, which immediately proved confusing for most PAX. Alas, this was a learning experience for me as Q.

L= Life Alert- Big Boy Sit up + Gas Pumper= 1 Rep

U= Uncle Blue- Straight Leg Deadlift + Curl + Overhead Press= 1 Rep

C= Cornish Hen- Block Pullover + Chest Press= 1 Rep

K= Killer Whale AKA Shamu- Jump Squat with 180 degree spin at top- landing into a burpee, coming back up with a strong jump so you can spin 180 again. PAX found this confusing, everybody hated it. Great leg workout forcing you to jump with force so you have height to spin. Will look for opportunities to try this again, possibly with a smaller group.

Y= Y-Oming AKA Sousa- Lt. Dan with block + Toe Merkin at the end of the squat.

These were done as a DORA- PAX split into pairs.

Travel= Farmer Carry 2 blocks the length of the sidewalk, run back to your partner. Partners are taking turns working through the rep counts. Round 1- 50 reps of all letters- LUCKY. Round 2- 75 reps of all letters. No pairs got past this round as far as I know.


I don’t believe in Luck

Proverbs 16:33 The lot is cast into the lap, but its every decision is from the LORD.

My faith teaches me that God is sovereign over all things that happen in the universe. I have to trust in God and have faith in the path he takes me down. Whatever I encounter in life, God directs my steps and ordains the results of each situation. All of us men were at The Huey that morning because God had ordained it so. And anything we might be nervous about, uncertain futures, decisions to be made, look to God for discernment and trust that he will work it out as he determines is best. The COT’s I prepare inevitably end up being directed at myself as much as the group. In preparing for this message, I have dwelled on the idea and it has helped me day to day.


The highlight of the morning was definitely the family of 5 FNG’s. This workout danced on the fence of chaos the entire time. Extra blocks were needed, and I thought we had plenty. But we had a ton of PAX show up, which is a good problem to have, but our block party got complicated. That paired with the fact that all of the exercises were pretty much new, and I didn’t do a great job of explaining or demonstrating. I’m sure all of us got a good workout, especially upper body, but I certainly learned a lot of lessons as the Q. Plenty of hilarious comments and mumble chatter were present, but what stands out to me most as I type this are the changes I would make if I did this again. On to the next one.


Upcoming CSAUP at the battery. See slack for details. 4th F for the family.

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