Those are Some Nice Balls

QIC:  Mr. Clean

Date: 03/30/2022

PAX: Breaststroke, Chicklet, Choo Choo, Face Plant, Second Base

AO: Parliament




SSH x18 IC
Forward Fold OYO
Willie Mays Hayes x15 IC

The Thang

Mosey. Walk. Meander. Tip Toe. to the practice field.
Title of exercise = Stolen From Dundee
Divided into two teams. 5 Burpees. One Pax threw the slam ball. All Pax Bear Crawled to Slam Ball. Complete 5 Burpees. Rinse and Repeat this until the length of the field was covered.
Winning Team did 5 Burpees and Losing Team did 10 Burpees
Same routine as above but travel method was a lunge and exercise was a squat.
Final routine on the field mirrored the above two; however, Pax ran all the way back to their starting point after each round of 15 BBSUs.

Which Line is It
Bear Crawl to each line of the first two tennis courts. As you reach each line, Bernie back to beginning and then Bear Crawl to the next line in progression


A man’s heart can develop a “Widowmaker” or aortic issue that is hard to find and leads to a heart attack. This “Widowmaker” is easy to understand, and as YHC discussed it, the Pax shook their heads in a “oh yeah I know those and their terrible” gesture. YHC proposed another type of “Widowmaker” that is still often viewed poorly among men, and that is, addressing mental illness. Mental illness truly is a Widowmaker as so often times we really do never see it coming. The challenge: Lock your Shields, and if you’re gut tells you to reach out and check on someone — follow your gut.


Little mumblechatter this morning. It was probably the difficulty of the Forward Folds…