P-Funk Intervals

QIC:  Full Moon

Date: 03/29/2022

PAX: Bernie, Blackout, Choo Choo, Face Plant, See Through, Tatonka, Toe Tag

AO: Parliament


A chilly 42 with some breeze – nice running weather


Disclaimer, mosey to track

Forward fold, OYO and loud; walk it out to downward dog to stretch the calves – right over left, left over right; Quad stretches (pull your heel up to glute, fell the burn) – henceforth, and forever, to be known as Sheboygans

50m skips down the straight and back; 50m butt-kickers down the straight and back

The Thang

Track Day – Intervals
YHC needed some interval work to improve speed/endurance so we did the following:

PAX were encouraged to team up or just go for it

400m lap as fast as comfortable (modifications allowed/encouraged), followed-up by 400m recovery lap

800m fast, 400m recovery

1200m fast, 400m recovery

1600m fast, 400m recovery

PAX that finished the intervals then picked up the 6 and circled up for cool-down stretching: forward fold, OYO and even louder; walk it out to downward dog to stretch the calves again – right over left, left over right; move to plank for world’s greatest okayest stretch – left, then right; WMH x6



Getting better, or progressing, came to YHC during the 1200m interval. Being happy with where you are is not a bad thing, but why not try to progress? YHC could’ve slowed down/walked during the intervals but pushed myself to get to the cool down lap as I want to get better at running. Sure, be happy with where you are (in life/work/etc.) but also push yourself to progress in any/all of these areas.

Apathy is the glove into which evil slips its hand. This quote has stuck with me from, of all places, the cinematic masterpiece Van Wilder, but is apparently credited to Bodie Thoene – wise words either way.


“Bernie’s here, must be Time”

Additional breeze provided by Tatonka having eaten Mexican food twice yesterday

“Guess I’ll just run the whole time – no difference in my mosey and fast pace.”

“Can you imagine Minnesota mumble-chatter – oooooh yah, dontcha know? ope! you betcha!

“Thanks for a proper track day – running the whole time is the point; glad you didn’t make us bring blocks”


Chubby’s; upcoming 2.0 days; Inaugural Battery PokerRunRuck For the Cure Brought to You by Mountain Dew.

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