Blockees with Blackout

QIC:  Blackout

Date: 05/02/2022

PAX: Bernie, Ditka, Face Plant, Full Moon, M.I.A., Ramrod, Second Base, Tinder, Toe Jelly, Toe Tag, Yogi

AO: Hacksaw




Mosey to Flagpole with block

  • FF
  • WMH – x10
  • Arm Circles – x10
  • Reverse Arm Circles – x10
  • SSH – x15

The Thang

DORA style workout; PAX 1 does exercises while PAX 2 runs large circle (0.25 miles); One Twist: Each partner must do Blockees together in between each run. Started at 10 Blockees and worked way down to 1. (e.g. 10 Blockees each, PAX 1 exercise PAX 2 run; 9 Blockees each, PAX 2 exercise PAX 1 run, etc.)

DORA Exercises

  • 50 Clockwork Merkins
  • 75 Grave Diggers
  • 100 CPRs
  • 125 Flutter Kicks
  • 150 Shoulder Presses

Finished with 1 minute Plank to time


Talked about a quote from a Kobe Bryant interview. He noted this was from a teacher of his and it stated “Rest at the end, not in the middle” I started thinking about this over the weekend and how Kobe applied it to his basketball career and was one of the best basketball players of all time. I started thinking about how I can apply this not only to physical limits but also to my spiritual life. I challenged the PAX to live their lives this way in the spirit of true discipleship for Jesus. This means we can’t rest in our lives from a discipleship and spiritual perspective until we are called Home.


Nobody…and I mean nobody liked the beatdown this morning including Q. Lots of grumbles and non-family friendly language used to describe the way PAX were feeling.

Only Toe Tag had to do more Blockees once we got down to 1. He said he didn’t like Q anymore, I asked him to please reconsider later this afternoon after he had time to cool off from the stupidity that was this morning’s beatdown LOL


See 2nd-F and 3rd-F Channel on Slack for more information on opportunities coming up
Memorial Day Burph at The Dam
Anvil OTB in June with relaunch July 4 convergence

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