So, who was on Q at Anvil?

QIC:  Clothes……  M.I.A.

Date: 08/082022

PAX: Clothespin, Cooter, Mayhem, Shake N’ Bake, Mr. Clean, Blackout, WuzntMe, Cheney

AO: Anvil/Poundtown


Typical Balmy August morning 73 degrees and moist


Clothespin led off the morning with the introduction of M.I.A. (ha ha suckers) as the Q and madness ensued.
Same crap as usual….

The Thang

There may have been a little bit of trickery going on at Poundtown this morning…..
I eat Krakens for Breakfast!
Split into groups of 2 (we had 1 group of 3 because of an uneven #)
Mosey 200 yards each pax does a Kraken Burpee. Rinse and repeat increasing by 1 Kraken Burpee until time is called. Stay with your group and pick up the 6!


Lots of good things in the COT today alot of which needs to stay in that circle. Most important thing discussed was accountability and forming shield locks! We have a great asset with F3 and it needs to be used and spread!


Lots of talk about bait and switch and sabotage during the thang today… I don’t know why.
I wondered if a couple of guys were going to survive a WuzntMe fart…..
There was a sweaty Cooter in my group so I feel like it was the best…. Just saying


Clothespin is on Q at the Battery tonight. (Yes really!), Chubby’s, GrowRuck 31 in Woodstock, GA 9/9/2022, Labor Day Convergence at Parliament!!!

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