Impact and Influence

QIC:  Mr. Clean

Date: 08/20/2022

PAX: Blue, Boomhauer, Doogie, Fivehead



Humid. Humid as if the Convoy Ultimate Frisbee Dudes were pissing off the mountain…


The disclaimer…

The Thang

Completed the following in AMRAP format for 6 minute sets w/a mosey up the hill to the Stop sign in between each.

Set 1
15 — Jump Squats
15 — Hard Count Lunges
10 — Merkins
20 — LBC’s

Set 2
30 — Hard Count Mountain Climbers
20 — Squats
10 — Leg Raises
10 — Plank to Pikes

Set 3
30 — SSH’s
30 — Plank Jacks
20 — BBSU’s

Mosey to the Stop sign. Complete the 2 Steps Forward/1 Step Routine with the neighborhood mailboxes.
2 Steps Forward — complete a set of 5 Monkey Humpers. Increase by increments of 5 each time we moved 2 steps forward.
1 Step Backward — Each time we went backward we completed: 5 Squats, 5 Monkey Humpers, 5 Hard Count Lunges


Recently, I posted on Slack, tagged a few guys in particular that my son seems to speak about on a regular basis. This was simply a segway into speaking of the impact each of us carry as leaders in our community. I took the time, especially on a Saturday morning, to reiterate the importance of remembering the influence we always have whether we realize it or not.



Blue was there, so….