Revenge of the Duckwalk

QIC:  Gretel

Date: 10/26/2022

PAX: Dundee, Shake N Bake, NordicTrack, Sherlock, Milkman, Roomba, Florida Man, FNG – Paw Patrol, Starbucks, Cleaver, Turtle, Mangina, Lutefisk, Snatch, Ponce, 8 Seconds, Boomhauer, Lyft

AO: Shot House


Clear and cool




3rd grade

shoulder blaster

Imperial Walkers

Slow squat


The Thang

PAX partner up. In a Dora fashion, PAX 1 will stay at the exercise zone (EZ) and perform reps while PAX 2 proceed to the Duck Zone (DZ).

EZ exercises – 250 each of Carolina Dry Docks, Blades of Steel, Angle Grinders, Crab Cakes

The Duck Zone – PAX will bear crawl ~10 yards to a triangle of cones. At each cone they will perform 25 monkey humpers then duck walk to the next cone. Pax will also complete these when they return to cone 1 for a total of 100 monkey humpers, then crawl bear back to the EZ where they will take over reps for their partner while he enters the DZ.

Rinse and repeat until EZ exercises are completed or time is up.


Be careful with your actions, the people you lead are watching you. YHC broke his smart watch recently and even though he had already told M he wanted a new one for Christmas, he was tempted to run out and get a new one immediately. While financially this wasn’t a problem, he thought about what his 2.0s would think. He tries to teach them patience and to resist instant gratification, so he decided to suck it up and wait a while.


Some pax made it to the last exercise but no one completed the round.


Chubby’s ministry ongoing – every Monday except the first Monday of the month, details on #3rd F channel

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