Bucket list Beatdown at Hot Dam

QIC:  Dundee

Date: 10/20/2022


AO: Hot Dam


Everyone present enjoyed a perfect evening for a beatdown. Sixty-two degrees and the sun was shining.


A thorough disclaimer was issued, though it was made very clear that if any Pax was injured, they were on their own. No one was helping anyone back to their vehicle. Save that nonsense for the gloom.

SSH x 35
WMH x 10
3GE x 10
Shoulder Blasters

The Thang

On the hillside, cones were setup thirty yards apart. The format was double elevens. Two reps of the first exercise on one end, travel to the other, twenty reps of the second exercise on the other end. Travel back. Four reps of the first exercise, travel, eighteen reps of the second, travel. The Pax caught on to the idea pretty quickly. All Pax started at the bottom of the hill. First exercise was squats. Travel method up the hill was block bears (pax bear crawled up the hill, pulling the block). At the top of the hill, the exercise was merkins. Travel back to the bottom was rifle carries. Any Pax that finished early would join the six. Somehow, all Pax finished at exactly the same time. For the second round, first exercise was Imperial Walkers, second exercise was curls. Time ran out very early in the second round.


Mumble chatter was intense. A lot of colorful language not suitable for print was spilled. The Pax were unanimously opposed to doing more block bears despite completing 360 yards of them by the end of the workout.


3rd F opportunity Saturday morning at Shothouse following a beatdown.
Reminder that Chubbies is always looking for help on Monday nights.