Who Makes the History You Celebrate

QIC:  Mr. Clean

Date: 02/20/2023

PAX: Bonsai, Escobar, Loggins, Mayhem (Respect), Ricki Lake, Snatch, Toe Tag

AO: Hacksaw


Fairly clear morning. Temps in lower 50s.


SSH x20 IC
Forward Fold OYO
Various Yoga “Stretches”
Willie Mays Hayes

The Thang

Before we began but after the Disclaimer began, YHC mentioned visiting AOs on “holidays”, which drew some instant Mumblechatter from certain Pax, and the Summer now that YHC has reentered the Education world. This was a strategic comment to be addressed later in the COT…stay tuned
In other news, the routine below was stolen from Knox’s Drive-Thru. Running was “modified up” and the Blockees were “modified down”
Drive Thru’s Modified Routine

Complete all exercises in sets of 25. After each set of 25, mosey to a predetermined point.
150 — Curls
25 yard Mosey
125 — Block Squats
50 yard Mosey
100 — Overhead Presses
75 yard Mosey
75 — KB Swings
100 yard mosey
50 — Thrusters
125 yard Mosey
25 — Burpees


Now, back to the “Disclaimer Comment” regarding our proverbial “holidays”. Simply put, interpretation of holidays has now become quite the comical topic in our daily grammatical semantics. Of course, most would consider certain “holidays” fairly universally celebrated in terms of “time off” such as Christmas/Independence Day etc.
Today’s COT was neither about what we deem as holidays, nor which holidays should or should not be celebrated. Today’s COT was about the fact that most of these holidays represent some sort of historical significance, and while most of us, at the very least, recgonize or celebrate this historical significance; we are often very detached from that actual significance and it’s often by no fault of our. These historical events simply happened long before us.
Therefor, our responsibility is to focus on the “Now” and the “Who” in which and for whom we make history. What really matters? What really matters are the “holidays” we make with those most important to us. Celebrate George Washington, cool. Are you celebrating your 2.0’s improvement in reading? Celebrate Independence Day, cool. Are you celebrating the fact you get to enjoy Independence by celebrating a random date night with your M?
Bottom line: recognize the importance of history so we can avoid past mistake and build upon positive achievements, BUT let the celebrating of history come with those of whom you make it…


My playlist once again garnered some nice Mumblechatter from the Hack Pack.
Loggins does not know Messina
Mercer is in Macon but also in Atlanta and it’s really freaking expensive to get a pharmacy degree and to live there…


Tuff Muff this Saturday 02/25/2023
Come visit Shot House on Saturday 03/25/2023 for a fun morning of Capture the Flag
Chubby’s still and always will need volunteers, items, and prayers


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