The Daiquiri Track Workout

QIC:  LifeAlert

Date: 2/25/2022

PAX: LifeAlert Manscaper, Shake N Bake, Gretel, Zima, Ohms, Squirt, Jorts, u-turn, Wetsuit, Yellow 5, Skitch

AO: Hill City (Run)


Mid 50’s, RAIN, 15 mph Wind, lots of puddles


Circled around the parking lot, forward fold, Iraqi tea time, willie mays, hamstring stretches, and what I like to call calf yoga stretches

The Thang

What a nice day for a Jog

No shoes were harmed, only my legs

Took a mosey through Coolidge Park to a parking garage behind the Big Chill.

Runners paired up with other Gloomers close to their speed and ran a lap then up to the next level of the garage all the way to the top. RINSE.AND.REPEAT.

Encouragement was given all around!

At 10 mins till time we took off running back to home base and got back with 90 seconds to spare and Shanked N Bake nominated we do squats until time.


Ships were not built to stay in the harbor. The moment I committed to Q’ing a run day at Hill City I immediately regretted it. Anxiety took hold and I was nervous to lead a Q for something I have never performed well or met an expectation for. I’m not a runner in any sense of the word, so I had to live up to that and not run from from problems. You never change your life until you step out of your comfort zone. Just like we all took that one step to start F3 we have to keep taking a step in the right direction to continue our growth to being better HIMs.


I just kept running.

Was that a puddle?

Right on time it starts raining when it hit AO time.

Where are the jokes that were promised?


Chubby’s on Mondays,

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    Why is there a stack of extra large coupons?

    QIC:  LifeAlert

    Date: 2/18/2022

    PAX: LifeAlert Starbucks, Shake N Bake, Snatch, Mr. Clean, Moneyball, 8 Seconds, O.B., Blindside

    AO: Detention


    Mid to High 30’s, slight Sleet and Snow, Windy, lots of “methane “ smells


    Circled around extra large coupons, used a normal sized coupon for forward fold, Iraqi tea time, willie mays, hamstring stretches, and little baby arm circles

    The Thang

    At what point do we use all of these blocks? There are 9 of us and 14 blocks… a bag of bowling balls and a kettle bell

    No Blocks were harmed, only grip strength
    Took a mosey to the bottom of the hill near the little league fields,

    20 Crunches and a run up/down the Little League Hill x5 once completed wait on the 6 in Al Gore

    Mosey back to the statue of blocks

    Partner up for a DORA!!!! We get to find out what these extra large coupons are for!

    200 Curls using the XL Coupon switching with partner as they carry two coupons (Water and Gasoline jugs) from the cross walk around the drive way circle by the gym

    200 Squats followed by the same activity as above

    200 push ups (mostly the lady kind) no XL coupon used, at this point several have modified their walk around the circle by losing a block or using their shoulders as a place to carry it

    With one minute left Starbucks was called on to make an acitivity suggestion and chose a strange one where we held our hands in the air and did a “half” SSH.


    We carried two coupons around the parking lot today, one is water, one is gasoline. In life you may come across events, conversations, or work that you can either put it out with water (make it easier for all those evolved) or fuel it with the gasoline. This can be applied to your relationships or leading folks at work


    Its not a LifeAlert Q if you don’t lose feeling or grip in your hands

    I came here cause i heard we wouldn’t be using a hill

    I just can’t stop looking at Clean’s mustache

    Money Ball was on the look out for fellow Gloomers providing suggestions to improve form.


    Tuff Muff on 2/19, Chubby’s on Mondays,

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