VDay Bombshell Bootcamp

QIC: Ohms
Date: 02/14/2018
PAX: Mr. Clean, Snowflake, Stairmaster, Whittler
AO: The Griff (Vandergriff Park)


45 degrees F, cloudy skies with a steady drizzle of rain

The Disclaimer



V – VUps x 14 IC
– Ass Kickers x 14 IC
L – Low Country Crab x 14 IC
E – Elbow Planks x 14 IC
N – Narrow Squats x 14 IC
T – The Chinook x 14 IC
I – Imperial Walkers x 14 IC
N – Nose Merkins x 14 IC
E – Elf on a Shelf x 14 IC
S – SSH x 14 IC

The Thang

The PAX were on time and ready for some “action” – we started out the morning with a brief warm-up to get the blood rushing and the heart pumping. By the time the warm-up was finished, we were soaking wet and breathing heavily. We knew now that it was time for the main event.
The Cupid Plank Shuffle
We began with a short mosey to YHC’s truck. Once we arrived at the truck YHC rolled the windows down, turned on the iTunes, and with the volume high we began our Cupid Plank Shuffle.
-Begin in plank position
-Right Leg out and bring back in x 4
– Left Leg out and bring back in x 4
– Right leg kick, left leg kick, right leg kick, left leg kick
– Mountain Climbers (8 count)
– Rinse & Repeat for the entirety of the song (3 min 50 sec)

To see a visual please follow this link:

Tammy Wynette’s
Tammy Wynette’s country song hit, “Stand By Your Man” is the inspiration here.
Starting position: PAX 1 assumes the merkin plank while PAX 2 remains standing beside ‘his man’.
Exercise: Pax 1 does merkins in sync with PAX 2 who does deep squats. They do 10 reps either by Q call or on their own. At multiples of 10, the partners switch out alternating between merkins & squats.
Example: 1,2,3 … 10, (switch) 11,12,13…20 (switch) 21,22,23, …30 (switch), etc. until they reach 100; that’s 50 merkins + 50 squats per man.
Valentine’s Day Cards
We took a mosey around the park looking for Valentine’s Day cards that were hidden around the park by YHC. Each card had a short “poem” on them that represented an exercise.
Card 1:
“When I hear your voice, I sit-up and listen”
Sit-Ups x 14 IC
“Roses are red, violets are blue, planks are fun, so I’ll some for you”
Makhtar N’Diaye x 14 IC
Card 3:
“I’d Climb the highest mountain for you”
Mountain climbers x 14 IC
Card 4:
“With you by my side, I believe I can fly”
Coupon Shoulder Flies x 14 IC
Card 5:
“I would run to the end of the Earth for you”
Capris Lap around Track & Shuttle Runs
-Rinse and Repeat all stations one more time for a total of 2 rounds (2/14)


H – Heel Touchers x 14 IC
E – Extenders of the Hip x 14 IC
A -American Hammer x 14 IC
R – Rosalita’s x 14 IC
T – Toe Touches x 14 IC


Just as Christ loves the church (Ephesians 5:27), husbands should love their wives. In saying this, Paul sets the ultimate standard in comparing the marriage relationship with Christ and the church. Such an attitude makes abuse, mistreatment, or abandonment impossible to justify. In fact, Paul demands that husbands love their wives “as their own bodies.” This includes personal care, time, and provision. A man would not leave his body “unattended” or without care for a great length of time. He should likewise not treat his wife in this manner. The Old Testament even described abandonment by a husband as an act of violence (Malachi 2:16).
It’s important to remember that “love,” as used in the Bible, means much more than simple feelings. It always comes with an expectation of action: of doing good on behalf of that person. This verse uses the Greek root word agape, which refers to a selfless, sacrificial concern for the welfare of someone else.
For that reason, Paul notes that loving one’s wife—through actions—has practical benefits for the husband as well. If a husband desires a better life, he can do so in part by investing more into his own wife. Love expressed to one’s wife certainly offers numerous benefits to a husband, including unity, better parenting, less conflict, less stress, and other factors.

NOTE**: At the end of the Moleskin, we went around the circle sharing with one another why we are thankful for our wives.


GRT – August
Tough Mudder – September

Upcoming Qs

February 15 – Laces Out @ Hill City (Renaissance Park) 0530
February 17 – Angus @ The Landfill (White Oak Park) 0700