“I Got Your Back!” – Moneyball Lions Den 11/6/19

QIC: Moneyball

Date: 11/06/2019

PAX:  Blindside, Friar Tuck, On Tilt, Fissure, Ironbutt (Rx2), Ohms, Chum, Bullpen, Skitch, Chief, The Count (Rx2), Sherlock, Backfire

AO: Lions Den


Chilly, but we warmed up fast!


Quick disclaimer to the #DenMen
Little Baby Arm Circles F & R x 10 IC, KEEP EM UP!
Shoulder Press x 10 IC, KEEP EM UP!
Cherry Pickers x 10 IC, KEEP EM UP!
Moroccan Nightclub x 10 IC, RECOVER!
SLOW Merkins x 10 IC recover
SLOW Willie Mayes Hayes x 10 IC START RIGHT
Frog Squat silent count
Michael Phelps Forward Fold x 10 IC (Slappin’ ya back)
Toe Merkins x 20 OYO
SSH x 35 IC
Mosey Indian Lap around Track

The Thang

“I got your back!”
Partner up similar to size if possible.
Shoulder Shrugs x 10 IC
On your six back to back, lock arms and get up x5
20 See Saw Squats DEMO with Blindside (3 count = 1)
20 Side Step Squats with arms still locked back to back
Take a lap around track OYO – HOLD UPWARD DOG til six is in
Mosey to the bottom of the hill behind the stands

Dora, Tire & Hill Climb
Back to partners
First group take turns pushing tire up the hill

Then rotate until EVERYONE twosome pushes the tire.
Everyone else: DORA
3 cones up the hill
100 Merkins, 200 LBC’s, rinse & repeat until we finish.
RUN (Jail Break) to 1st cone
LUNGE to 2nd cone
BEAR CRAWL to 3rd cone Mosey back, tag partner, Dora.

Mosey back to parking lot.


We worked together in pairs back to back to symbolize that we have each others back. and sometime we need to pick each other up. Some of the exercises were easier than others, but we still had each others back. Find a brother who you can do life with and have each others back. Its important!


Ohms and The Count made the see saw squats look easy, Fissure and Backfire not so much!


Convergence on 11/16 at the NEW RIDGECUT. Thanksgiving at Hill City @ 5:30am

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    Not raining


    Wild Yoga!

    Cat- lots of Cat MEOWS!

    Cow- many MOOs

    Down Dog- WOOF woof

    Up Dog- howling!

    Pigeon- etc

    Eagle- America!

    The Thang

    • 11s squat/ merikin

    Split into 2 groups. Team shakers and team dance off. Dance-off started with cups, slackers started off slacklineing

    • Cups

    Set up 10 cups upside down with different exercises/ things to do. (Thumb war, Dance off, flop like a fish, make up a hand shake, burpee, high five plank, etc)

    • Slack line

    Props to Moneyball for setting up the slack line. Duck assumed everyone knew what a slackline is. if you do not know here is the kid friendly set up. Set up slack line and went under then over then, etc, etc.

    2 groups swapped cup and slackline locations

    Then Pumpkin shuffle

    Relay up hill. No feet moving while you got the pumpkin in your hands.

    Dodgeball and doughnut holes





    No News

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      QIC: Moneyball

      Date: 09/21/2019

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      AO: Landfill


      A perfect pre-fall 60 degrees


      Quick disclaimer.
      Partner up. Don’t leave each other all morning. Push each other.
      Slow Mosey down the Hill. Hold plank till 6 is in.
      SSH x 30 IC
      Forward Fold – silent count. Down, Up.
      Slow Windmill Willie Mays Hays x 10 IC starting to your right. Exercise.
      Mosey up the Hill – first parking lot (partner)
      on your 6 – butterfly stretches x 10 IC recover
      Smurf Jacks x 10 IC
      Little baby arm circles x 10 IC
      Should taps x 10 per arm OYO, recover.
      Reverse little baby arm circles x 10 IC keep em up!
      Cherry Pickers x 10 IC
      Mosey to second parking lot

      SSH x 25 IC
      Toe Merkins x 10 OYO
      Stretch Kick x 10 each leg OYO
      Mosey to playground
      Merkins x 20 OYO

      Mosey to Pavilion
      LEG STRETCHES – 20 Ax Kicks OYO 
      Knees to Chest 5 each leg OYO
      *NEW* Kneeling “It’s Good” Stretch – Football players

      The Thang

      “Kickin’ it with MoneyBall”
      Kicking/Punching Demonstrations

      ROUND 1 
      50 Front Kicks – 25 x each leg (PADS BE POPPIN’)
      Partner 1 kicks, Partner 2 holds Al Gore while holding the kicking paddle
      Rd 1 Dora , 50 Merkins  & 50 Squats while running to soccer goal.

      ROUND 2

      50 punches – 25 x each arm 

      Rd 2 Dora, 50 LBC’s & 50 SSH’s while partner runs to soccer goal.

      ROUND 3 50 Round House Kicks – 25 each leg followed by Rd 1 Dora

      ROUND 4 50 Stretch Kicks (Ax) – 25 each leg followed by Rd 2 Dora

      ROUND 5 30 Sidekicks – 15 each leg followed by Rd 1 Dora

      90 second Plank to complete workout



      We partnered up in the beginning of the workout to symbolize as men we need other men in our lives, for accountability, fellowship, encouragement and affirmation.

      We are better together. Find a bro you can “Kick” it with!

      Today’s workout was all about getting the HIMS out of their comfort zone and to do something unfamiliar like kicking and punching targets. Payback for all the workouts when I felt awkward or not confident of my exercise form 🙂 


      Q needed help during warm up – right calf injury still not recovered from Friday beat down at Hacksaw. SSH’s were killing him…..

      Lots of groaning as they were asked to kicked a little higher and use muscles and joints that don’t get used that much….

      Q observed that no ones knees are safe around these men, with the exception of Uncle Fester, his FNG – Outbreak & Pink Panther who were at least landing kicks above the waist! 😉


      IronPax final week, 2 VQ’s this week, Stay Tuned and Show up!

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