“I Got Your Back!” – Moneyball Lions Den 11/6/19

QIC: Moneyball

Date: 11/06/2019

PAX:  Blindside, Friar Tuck, On Tilt, Fissure, Ironbutt (Rx2), Ohms, Chum, Bullpen, Skitch, Chief, The Count (Rx2), Sherlock, Backfire

AO: Lions Den


Chilly, but we warmed up fast!


Quick disclaimer to the #DenMen
Little Baby Arm Circles F & R x 10 IC, KEEP EM UP!
Shoulder Press x 10 IC, KEEP EM UP!
Cherry Pickers x 10 IC, KEEP EM UP!
Moroccan Nightclub x 10 IC, RECOVER!
SLOW Merkins x 10 IC recover
SLOW Willie Mayes Hayes x 10 IC START RIGHT
Frog Squat silent count
Michael Phelps Forward Fold x 10 IC (Slappin’ ya back)
Toe Merkins x 20 OYO
SSH x 35 IC
Mosey Indian Lap around Track

The Thang

“I got your back!”
Partner up similar to size if possible.
Shoulder Shrugs x 10 IC
On your six back to back, lock arms and get up x5
20 See Saw Squats DEMO with Blindside (3 count = 1)
20 Side Step Squats with arms still locked back to back
Take a lap around track OYO – HOLD UPWARD DOG til six is in
Mosey to the bottom of the hill behind the stands

Dora, Tire & Hill Climb
Back to partners
First group take turns pushing tire up the hill

Then rotate until EVERYONE twosome pushes the tire.
Everyone else: DORA
3 cones up the hill
100 Merkins, 200 LBC’s, rinse & repeat until we finish.
RUN (Jail Break) to 1st cone
LUNGE to 2nd cone
BEAR CRAWL to 3rd cone Mosey back, tag partner, Dora.

Mosey back to parking lot.


We worked together in pairs back to back to symbolize that we have each others back. and sometime we need to pick each other up. Some of the exercises were easier than others, but we still had each others back. Find a brother who you can do life with and have each others back. Its important!


Ohms and The Count made the see saw squats look easy, Fissure and Backfire not so much!


Convergence on 11/16 at the NEW RIDGECUT. Thanksgiving at Hill City @ 5:30am

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