Spin Cycle

QIC:  Mansiere

Date: 01/26/2022

PAX: Friday, Pediasure, Gusher, Squirt, Prosciutto, Jorts, Yellow 5, Burrito (RESPECT), Recycle, Hambone

AO: Convoy


Frigid, even by the standards of a brutally cold January. The breeze was piercing, especially up on the track where one is exposed from all sides. Definitely not a day to start slow!


I tried to start us off quickly with some high-intensity exercises. The sometimes helpful, always vocal Burrito was anxious to get to the game, and understandably so. However, the nature of the game dictated an intense warmup. Side-straddle hops were on the menu, as were Marine Corps pushups and some LBCs to get us down and out of the wind. We did a long run around the high school to get our lungs ready as well. On the climb up the Apex, I went over the rules. Now, explaining even something as simple as a track game to this crew is like explaining multivariable calculus to a first grader. Try doing it while Bernie’ing uphill with lips numbed by the 25-degree weather. Yikes!

The Thang

There are two teams in the game. The teams start at opposite ends of the track. Their starting points are their respective “zones.” Team 1 stays on one half of the track, and Team 2 stays on the opposite half. The stated goal of the game is to get all of the cones from the other team’s zone into your zone. The real goal of the game is to stay warm and get a good run day workout in. Each runner can only carry one cone at a time. A runner can hand his cone to a runner without a cone. If a runner does 40 Big-Boy Sit-ups in his starting zone, he may bring two cones back to his starting zone one time. If a runner sees that there are no cones remaining in the other team’s zone, that runner should hold low plank until more cones are dropped off. If a team has no cones in the other team’s zone, and no one the team is carrying cones, then that team WINS. The prize is a FREE personal pan pizza from Pizza Hut*.

*At participating locations. Dine-in only**

** No locations are participating at this time


I read an excerpt from the memoirs of a 20th-century Romanian, who talked about how the joys of comradeship through shared struggle are grander than any material things. I would give up or forego many things before I would give up the opportunity to be out there in the mornings with this fine group of men.


No one loves overthinking things more than Burrito, and my bonus goal of driving him crazy with strategizing worked a charm. While the other team was walking to their zone, he immediately started making plans. His strategy consisted mainly of handing off cones. Meanwhile, Team 2 quickly figured out that there was an advantage in the two-cone provision, and started the game off with Big Boys. In the end, neither team won (though Team 2 was clearly winning), and both teams got in a great run day while staying warm.

Recent Backblasts

    The Tortoise and The Hare

    QIC: Steam Engine
    PAX: Prosciutto, Vila, Whittler, The Count, Picasso, Sundance, Bogey, Mr. Clean, Marco Polo, Wort, Laces Out, Early Bird
    Date: 02/20/2018
    AO: Hill City
    Conditions: A cool 55 degrees warm enough for gym shorts and a t-shirt

     Disclaimer: Here on your own free will, am not a professional, modify if you need to but push yourselves this morning
    Mosey to Great Hall for COP.
    SSH IC 15x
    Cherry Pickers IC 10x
    Windmill IC 10x
    Imperial Walker IC 15x
    Alternating Toe Taps IC 15x
    The Thang:
    Wall Sits w/ Muhammad Ali IC 15x
    Wall Sits w/ Joe Frazier IC 15x
    Wall Sits w/ Shoulder Press IC 15x
    Next mosey over to the turtle statue next to the carousel. Drop off rucks and line up.
    Indian Run around small track in Coolidge Park.
    The Tortoise and The Hare B.O.M.B.S
    Partner up with each team having 1 ruck.
    Partner 1 will walk with ruck while Partner 2 performs the exercise and chases down Partner 1 to swap out
    Burpee 50 (Do 5 burpees at a time and swap)
    Outlaws 100 (Do 10 at a time)
    Merkins 150 (Do 15 at a time)
    Was not able to complete the rest due to time but here is the rest of the beatdown
    Big Boy Sit Ups 200 (Do 20 at a time)
    Squats 250 (Do 25 at a time)

    FBC at Track Ends starting 0600
    Chattanooga Marathon Relay March 4
    Ragnar Race searing for an extra runner contact Picasso
    Prayer Request:
    All the men traveling this week. (Ohms, Angus, Laces Out)
    Families involved in school shooting
    WOD: Dream Big For We Have A Big God. I ran a 15k this past weekend. I knew I could finish but was not expecting to do it with an 11 minute pace. I just want to thank all the men of F3 Chatt for pushing me everyday I’m in town. All through college we are taught about SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, & Timely). I never really liked this because it ask to set an attainable goal. Why set a goal you know you can reach. I feel people do this because we are afraid of taking risk and even more of failure. Growing up I was told to set goals that the only way you can accomplish them is with the help of God. Sure you might fail but that is a part of life and how you handle failure will determine the type of person you become. Dan Gable, one of my favorite wrestlers, was undefeated his HS career and up to his senior year in college where he would lose his last match as a senior in the NCAA finals, but although he lost his senior year he went on to win an Olympic Gold medal the following year. So I leave you with a quote from the great Dan Gable “I’m the type of person who sets high goals and work hard to attain those goals, but I am only human.”

    Bridge Beatdown

    QIC: Laces Out (Respect)
    Pax: Angus, Best in Show (Respect), Bogey, Mr. Clean, The Count (Respect), Vila
    AO: Hill City
    Conditions: 62 degrees a little overcast but unseasonably warm.
    Reminded Pax that YHC typically likes to incorporate some running into his Q workout. So today, told Pax we would run to and do our beatdown on the Walnut Street walking bridge.
    12 SSH
    12 High Knees
    12 Wide High Knees
    12 SSH
    Mosey to Walnut Street Bridge. Mumble chatter about Valentine’s Day yesterday! So grateful for our M’s.
    The Thang
    Circuit 1: Bridge Beatdown with Running Man
    Merkin mile with squats
    10 Incline Merkins IC/10 Squats IC at start of bridge
    Run to 1/4 of bridge
    10 Incline Merkins IC/10 Squats IC
    Run to 1/2 of bridge
    10 Incline Merkins IC/10 Squats IC
    Run to 3/4 of bridge
    10 Incline Merkins IC/10 Squats IC
    Run to End of bridge
    10 Incline Merkins IC/10 Squats IC
    Mosey down the street to the Aquarium.
    Circuit 2: Fish Steps Dora
    Partner up in front of the Aquarium at the Arch Staircase, which we have affectionately named The Fish Steps. 1st pax runs up and over the Fish Steps while 2nd pax starts the following exercises:
    100 incline merkins
    200 LBCs
    300 Squats
    When 1st pax gets back, then switch places and continue where first left off:
    Rinse and repeat until finish all reps. Hold plank until all pairs are done.
    Mosey down to Market Street bridge and back to Love Shack.
    MOM (each Pax took turn leading an exercise)
    12 Flutterkicks/ 12 Rosalita en Espanol (Laces Out)
    12 Toe Touches (The Count)
    15 Hello Dolly (Bogey)
    15 Pickle Pounders (Mr. Clean)
    12 American Hammer (Best in Show)
    15 LBCs (Vila)
    20 Freddy Mercury (Angus)
    Yesterday was Valentine’s Day. YHC had a great day with my M, sharing in tangible ways how much I love her. We need to express true love to our spouses as commanded in Ephesians 5: 25 “Husbands, love your wives as Christ loved the church.” Challenged us to live everyday with this in mind. Make everyday Valentine’s Day!
    Prayer for Parkland, FL high school shooting yesterday.

    Mosey, Stairs, & more Stairs

    QIC: Steam Engine
    PAX: Ohms, Angus, Mr. Clean, Marco Polo, Ringwald, Sundance, Wort, Whittler, Flemish
    AO: Hill City
    Date: 02/06/2018
    Conditions: Warm 36 degrees perfect for a long mosey

    Disclaimer: I am not a professional. You are here on your own free will. Push yourselves this AM but modify if you have to.
    Mosey to Great Hall for COP
    Up Straddle Hop IC 12x
    Up Straddle Hop (Opposite leg) IC 12x
    Windmill IC 12x
    Cherry Pickers IC 12x
    Imperial Walker IC 12x
    Alternating Toe Taps IC 12x
    Squats IC 12x
    Mountain Climbers IC 12x
    The Chattanooga Marathon Relay is March 1 and we have two teams signed up. With less than a month left I decided to have a long mosey and sprinkle in some stairs.
    The Thang:
    Mosey to Chestnut walking bridge where we encoutered our first flight of stairs.
    1st Stairs:
    1 Leg Hop to the top
    I Leg Hop (Opposite leg) to the top
    Bunny Hop to the top
    Continue to Mosey down walking bridge and took a break midway
    Toe Merkins (Calf Raises) IC 10x
    Mosey to end of walking bridge where we found some benches to take a break
    Dip IC 10x Rinse and repeat 2x
    Mosey down towards Market St where we found our next flight of stairs
    2nd Stairs
    Sprint up stairs Rinse and repeat 3x
    Mosey towardsTennessee Aquarium where we found a nice set of stairs
    3rd Stairs
    Sprint up stairs Rinse and repeat 2x
    4th Stairs
    Hit every step going up Rinse and repeat 2x
    5th Stairs
    Bunny Hop Up
    1 Leg Hop
    1 Leg Hop (Opposite leg)
    Mosey to start of Market St Bridge where Mr. Clean set the pace for the trek back to the Love Shack. Midway took a small breather.
    Squats IC 10x
    Finish running across Market St Bridge and start heading towards Love Shack. With the Love Shack with in eyesight decided to call a jail break.
    Jail Break from 1st Parking Ticket Booth to the 2nd one.
    Now that we have reached the Love Shack there was still a few minutes left for Mary
    Flutter Kicks IC 10x
    Hello Dolly IC 10x
    Rosalita IC 10x
    Since Shovel Flag was absent this AM we got hit with the 10 Burpee penalty

    Prayer Request:
    Angus with new born & transitioning to a new job
    Flemish expecting a new born & transitioning to a new job
    Steam Engine friend currently at Vanderbilt Hospital doctors trying to figure out what is wrong
    Continue prayers for Rainman & Sparkles
    Hump Day Happy Hour: 02/07 at Heaven & Ale starting 1700 msg Whittler for more info
    Friday Breakfast Club: 02/09 at Lillie Mae’s starting 0630 msg Mr. Clean for more info
    WOD: If you want to go fast go alone, if you want to go far go together. We have used this many time in F3 Chatt and I feel that this is a perfect quote for F3. Especially right now as some of us are preparing for the Chattanooga Marathon Relay. It doesn’t matter the pace as long as we keep getting better every day.
    Also according to Angus’s Garmin we got in 2.4 miles this morning. Great job guys!

    Herschel Walker Pets the Pony Everyday

    QIC: Steam Engine
    PAX: Whittler, Ohms, Prosciutto, Angus, Laces Out, Rainman, Snowflake
    AO: Hill City
    Date: 1/9/2018
    Conditions: Warm 37 degrees perfect for a Herschel Walker beatdown

    Disclaimer was given at the Shovel flag while some stranglers were getting out of their vehicles. And we are off
    Quick mosey to Great Hall
    SSH IC 15x
    Cherry Picker IC 15x
    Windmill IC 15x
    Alternating Toe Taps IC 15x
    Mosey to Walnut Walking Bridge and informed the PAX that seeing Herschel Walker as an honorary captain for the Georgia Bulldogs reminded me of an Art of Manliness article about his crazy workout that he did and continues to do (will attach article at the end).
    The Thang:
    Merkins IC 10x
    LBC IC 10x
    Mosey to next lamp post
    Rinse & Repeat 4x
    Forward Lunge 10 each leg
    Squat IC 10x
    Rinse & Repeat 4x
    Dips IC 10x
    Mosey to next set of benches
    Rinse & Repeat 3x
    Once we completed Walnut bridge asked Laces out to lead us to the Market St bridge and take us back to Love Shack. During the mosey to Love Shack, QIC was starting to feel the wings and pizza from the night before luckily it stayed down. Also, learned that by yelling “FELLOWSHIP” the PAX slow down for the 6 catch up. Thanks for tip Prosciutto. Once we were within eyeshot of the Love Shack Prosciutto called for one last sprint to the finish.
    Once we made it to the Love Shack we noticed that our shovel flag tipped over which comes with a 10 burpee penalty.

    Prayer Request:
    Mr. Clean had another seizure so won’t be able to drive for awhile.
    Angus wife due date was 1/8 so now the waiting game.
    Ohm’s friends had their baby on 1/8
    Chattanooga Relay (4 man marathon relay): 3/2 – 3/4
    Ragnar Race (12 man relay Chattanooga – Nashville): 3/23 – 3/24
    Chattanooga MS Walk: 4/21
    GoRuck Tough (Chattanooga) : 8/18
    Tough Mudder (Nashville): 9/15 – 9/16
    For more details check out the F3 Chatt Newsletter
    Upcoming Q’s:
    1/10 Snowflake
    1/11 Vila
    1/13 Ohms, Prosciutto, Steam Engine
    WOD: “Success is just being happy… God has helped me to love myself. I know who God is, and I love God.” – Herschel Walker
    We are a week into the new year. Everyone has set their New Years Resolution and goals. Now take the time to define what success means to you. Success is not just being on top of the mountain or having the most money. It could be completing a marathon, a GoRuck Tough event, coming out to the Gloom. Sometimes success is in the journey and not the end result. Herschel defined success as being happy which is a great definition and he got their through loving God. If you know and love God then you have already won.
    New year, new goals, you gotta define success It’s not just being on top
    Here is the link to the Herschel Walker article. Some highlights:

    • Dips — up to a 1,000 a day
    • Squats — up to a 1,000 a day
    • Lunges — up to a 1,000 a day


    Two Minute Rule

    QIC: Prosciutto
    Date: 01/08/2018
    PAX: Early Bird
    AO: Beast Ridge


    Damp with freezing rain. Temps in the low 30’s. Great weather, unless you’re a petunia.

    The Disclaimer

    Delivered to myself, which felt odd. Then, once again when Early Bird joined


    Capri Lap waiting on “Pajaro!”
    SSH x 10 IC
    IW x 12 IC
    *Stay in plank position*
    Mtn Climbers x 10 IC
    Merkins x 5 IC
    Mtn Climbers x 10 IC
    Plank x 12 IC
    Side Plank x 10 IC
    Side Plank (other) x 10 IC
    SSH x 12 IC

    The Thang

    1) Merkin Mile 
    Perform a run/fellowship mosey and at every .25 mile, perform 25 Merkins
    2) Every Minute on the Minute (EMOM)
    Run back to shovel flag and perform 5 burpees EMOM (6 Minute run back)
    3) Coupon curls
    Grab a landscape block and perform low, mid, full curls x 10 OYO (repeat)
    4) Raccoon Crawl
    At the stadium steps, perform raccoon crawls from bottom step upward



    “The 2-Minute Rule” – The two-minute rule is simply a tactic which helps one overcome procrastination and laziness by making it so easy to start taking action that you can’t say no. And, even better, it’s built off the notion that Sir Isaac Newton suggests, “objects at rest tend to stay at rest and objects in motion tend to stay in motion.” This is just as true for humans as it is for falling apples.
    Part 1 — If it takes less than two minutes, then do it now.
    Part 1 comes from David Allen’s best-selling book, Getting Things Done.
    It’s surprising how many things we put off that we could get done in two minutes or less. For example, washing your dishes immediately after your meal, tossing the laundry in the washing machine, taking out the garbage, cleaning up clutter, sending that email, and so on.
    If a task takes less than two minutes to complete, then follow the rule and do it right now.
    Part 2 — When you start a new habit, it should take less than two minutes to do.
    Can all of your goals be accomplished in less than two minutes? Obviously not.
    But, every goal can be started in 2 minutes or less. And that’s the purpose behind this little rule.
    It might sound like this strategy is too basic for your grand life goals, but it works for any goal because of one simple reason: Sir Isaac Newton’s theory – “objects at rest tend to stay at rest and objects in motion tend to stay in motion.”
    The 2–Minute Rule is awesome because it embraces the idea that all sorts of good things happen once you get started.
    In F3, we start first thing in the morning (not because of this rule), but it’s a perfect opportunity to utilize the rule.  If you choose to post in the morning, then you are no longer an object at rest, and therefore you will tend to stay in motion after the post and accomplish more; as opposed to staying in the fartsack (See #3: The Lunch Hour workout guy) and leading a lackluster and otherwise noncommittal life of sadness. #truthNugget

    Upcoming Qs

    Steam Engine (01/09) @ Hill City
    Mr Clean (01/10) @ The Griff
    Vila (01/11) @ Hill City
    Mr Clean (01/13) @ The Landfill

    *AYE! @f3mrclean for the double-duty this week #acceleratingMan; thanks brother!*