Bridge Beatdown

QIC: Laces Out (Respect)
Pax: Angus, Best in Show (Respect), Bogey, Mr. Clean, The Count (Respect), Vila
AO: Hill City
Conditions: 62 degrees a little overcast but unseasonably warm.
Reminded Pax that YHC typically likes to incorporate some running into his Q workout. So today, told Pax we would run to and do our beatdown on the Walnut Street walking bridge.
12 SSH
12 High Knees
12 Wide High Knees
12 SSH
Mosey to Walnut Street Bridge. Mumble chatter about Valentine’s Day yesterday! So grateful for our M’s.
The Thang
Circuit 1: Bridge Beatdown with Running Man
Merkin mile with squats
10 Incline Merkins IC/10 Squats IC at start of bridge
Run to 1/4 of bridge
10 Incline Merkins IC/10 Squats IC
Run to 1/2 of bridge
10 Incline Merkins IC/10 Squats IC
Run to 3/4 of bridge
10 Incline Merkins IC/10 Squats IC
Run to End of bridge
10 Incline Merkins IC/10 Squats IC
Mosey down the street to the Aquarium.
Circuit 2: Fish Steps Dora
Partner up in front of the Aquarium at the Arch Staircase, which we have affectionately named The Fish Steps. 1st pax runs up and over the Fish Steps while 2nd pax starts the following exercises:
100 incline merkins
200 LBCs
300 Squats
When 1st pax gets back, then switch places and continue where first left off:
Rinse and repeat until finish all reps. Hold plank until all pairs are done.
Mosey down to Market Street bridge and back to Love Shack.
MOM (each Pax took turn leading an exercise)
12 Flutterkicks/ 12 Rosalita en Espanol (Laces Out)
12 Toe Touches (The Count)
15 Hello Dolly (Bogey)
15 Pickle Pounders (Mr. Clean)
12 American Hammer (Best in Show)
15 LBCs (Vila)
20 Freddy Mercury (Angus)
Yesterday was Valentine’s Day. YHC had a great day with my M, sharing in tangible ways how much I love her. We need to express true love to our spouses as commanded in Ephesians 5: 25 “Husbands, love your wives as Christ loved the church.” Challenged us to live everyday with this in mind. Make everyday Valentine’s Day!
Prayer for Parkland, FL high school shooting yesterday.