Dips & Squats & Dips & Squats

Hill City
45 degrees and pleasant
SSH IC x 25
Rockette IC x 15
Cherry picker IC x 15

* Mosey to Coolidge Park *
Along the way, the PAX were accosted by at least two Cujos. Undeterred, we proceeded to our destination by way of Cherokee Boulevard, where a friendly Sad Clown, at the sight of our Shovel Flag, proffered a hearty salutation made famous by the 2004 movie Team America: World Police. With lifted spirits and renewed patriotism, we arrived to find a friendly beaver keeping the ground warm for us. The beaver promptly left, which was probably for the best since Angus and Prosciutto eagerly discussed which creatures hunt beavers. (I’ll leave the answer to you, Dear Reader.)

Dip Squat Medley, verse 1
15 tempo dips on Q’s command
10-second rest
15 dips OYO
35 squats
10 tempo dips on Q’s command
10-second rest
10 dips OYO
35 squats
5 tempo dips on Q’s command
10-second rest
5 dips OYO
30 squats

 * Mosey back to Love Shack *

Dip Squat Medley, verse 2
15 tempo dips on Q’s command
10 tempo dips on Q’s command
5 tempo dips on Q’s command
Squats IC x 30
5 dips / 5-second rest
RINSE and REPEAT x 6 (7 rounds total)
Squats IC x 20
Modified Ring of Fire (NOW WITH LUNGES!)
While rest of PAX engage in a wall sit, one HIM lunges around Love Shack with perfect form. ENDEX when all PAX have lunged.
Hello, Dolly! IC x 25
Flutterkick IC x 25
Boat/Canoe led by Angus
Side Crunch IC x 15 (each side)
Ratchet Shoulder Blaster to end
Saturday’s workout will be led by Angus at White Oak Park (not our usual location). Spread the word.
Kindness, from God and fellow men, is a powerful thing. YHC was recently blessed by unexpected kindness and aspires to do the same for others.