Nomad Whisperer

I felt like the ‘Nomad whisperer’ this morning. We originally expected just one Nomad (Squiggy), but lo and behold, 2 more attended the Tuesday beatdown. Every time I turned around, a nomad came out of the woodwork. Welcome and thank you for attending! It was a pleasure to get better with you three men! Clearly your AO’s are doing their job as you guys crushed everything we threw at you. T-claps for all.
The Scene: overcast with a few pending light showers, perfect temps (mid-upper 50’s); short sleeves or bust!
With 6 PAX in tow, we commenced the warm-up lap down to the riviera with some karaoke and then back across the swamp bridge, crossing over swamp thing, and collecting a rock for some coupon work.
Disclaimer delivered, warm up routine (almost forgot!):
– SSH x 15 IC
– IW x 15 IC
– High Knees x 10 IC
– Wide High Knees x 10 IC
– Hillbillies x 12 IC
For the 7th day of the month, we did 7’s on the lower hill, leading up to Mt. Madoriyama:
Complete 7 merkin claps (MCs) in total in a round trip up and down the hill.
1 MC (bottom) then bear crawl up to top of the hill and complete 6 MC’s; RUN down to starting point at the bottom and complete 2 MC’s and back up to top for 5 MC’s… Finish when you’ve completed 6 MC’s at your starting point.
Grab aforementioned rock “coupon”, circle up, and complete the following 3 rounds:
– 5 lower curls
– 5 upper curls
– 10 full curls
move to rock directly across from you
– 10 lower curls
– 10 upper curls
– 10 full curls
move to rock to your right, and
– 15 lower curls
– 15 upper curls
– 10 full curls
Move to pavillion for 3 rounds of:
– 5 Balls-To-The-Wall (BTTW)
– 10 bench pull-ups
– 15 bench dips
– 20 calves
Complete Lt Dan Taylor’s *until complete
1:4 ration of squat:lunge jumps. Again, 7th day of the month felt right, so we completed 7 reps.
* Solicited Squiggy’s 10 count at rep 5 to help the PAX finish strong
Mosey to Coolidge park to get a nice view of the riverfront while completing the next 10 mins of mary
10 x Bay City Scissors (IC – 8 count)
10 x Jackknifes (OYO)
12 x Rosalita’s IC
10 x Freddie Mercuries IC
10 x American Hammer IC
10 x Hollywoods IC
1) Prayers and hope to support Angus’ cousin
2) Gus’ incredible story about a runner in this past weekends’ marathon left us in awe. Also, prayers for a friend in Chattanooga who is battling every day, given his window of time left in a recent prognosis; despite that, he’s still in a position of influence in his organization and is making the most of each day.
– Prosciutto