The Master Blaster

QIC: Angus
PAX: Mudslide, Prosciutto, Sparkles, and Rainman
POST DATE: August 05, 2017
AO: The Land Fill
Conditions: 65 Degrees and Dry – feels like fall.

The disclaimer was executed with precision on a morning like this there was no harshing the mellow of these PAX — it was a light crew but a tough and tested bunch that were ready to take whatever YHC threw at em. With that we moseyed over to the top gate started out with 15 slow and bone cracking cold muscle burpees. The PAX (YHC included) fumbled through those first five — but smoothed out no problem.
YHC instructed – Head down to the bottom gate and then head on straight back, that’ll be a mile. The PAX made the trek and held a low plank at the top while they waited for the six. Then, 15 more burpees.
Now everyone’s favorite part, The Warm Up.
Warm Up: SSH x 20, Finkle Swing x 15, SSH x 20, IW x 20, SSH x 20, AK x 20, SSH x 20, HK x 20, SSH x 20, and WHK x 20
YHC decided to save the second half of the warm up for later and keep the PAX guessing — lets see how the main event goes.
The Thang: YHC took an old workout, “the merkicide” and just added 3 more rounds to it. Seems simple enough, but the result was one heck of a beat down. This can be done in a parking lot with lines, a football field, or a large field with cones. The distance between each can vary, YHC measured 8 cones spaced about 10 yards apart.
Master Blaster
Round 1:
Bear Crawl to the 1st Cone > 1 Merkin > Run Back
Bear Crawl to 2nd Cone > 2 Merkins > Run Back
Repeat until last cone
Round 2:
Broad Jump to 1st Cone > 1 Squat > Run Back
Broad Jump to 2nd Cone > 2 Squats > Run Back
Repeat until last cone
Round 3:
Backwards Crabwalk to 1st Cone > 1 BBS > Run Back
Backwards Crabwalk to 2nd Cone > 2 BBS > Run Back
Repeat until last cone
Round 4:
Lunge to 1st Cone > 1 Burpee > Run Back
Lunge to 2nd Cone > 2 Burpees > Run Back
Repeat until last cone
With a little time to spare we set out to finish our warm up – head down the wall.
The Warm Up: The PAX headed down and found the best wall in the shade — each PAX grabbed a buddy. While the buddy held a wall sit the other performed the exercises, then swap.
Wall Sit / Diamond Merkins x 15. Swap.
Wall Sit / Jump Squats x 15. Swap.
Wall Sit / Carolina Dry Docks x 15. Swap.
Wall Sit / Jump Squats x 15. Swap.
Wall Sit / Merkins x 15. Swap.
Wall Sit / Jump Squats x 15. Swap.
Wall Sit / LAC x 20. Swap.
Wall Sit / Chinooks x 20. Swap.
Wall Sit / Moroccan Night Club x 20. Swap.
Moleskin: We are a community of men and we have an opportunity to build one another up. Hold your brothers accountable, we aren’t just workout buddies. We all win and lose and struggle together. Look for opportunities to get to know one another better, not just so we can become good friends but so we can build our community together.
Angus Out