QIC: Steam Engine
Date: 09/01/18
PAX: Best In Show and Back Pew
AO: Landfill
Conditions: Football weather
Disclaimer: Not a pro, here on free will, push yourself but modify if you need to.

0700 Was the lone HIM debating to put on my running shoes to go for a long run but Best In Show made an appearance. Still with only two HIM had to make an Omaha on the workout.
SSH IC 15x
Cotton Pickers IC 15x
Windmill IC 15x
Alternating Toe Touches IC 15x
Little Arm Circles Forward IC 15x
LAC Backwards IC 15x
Chinook IC 15x
Moroccan Night Club IC 15x
Back Pew makes an appearance (insert mumble chatter) that is where I realize none of us have a shovel flag thus (insert penalty)
Burpees OYO 10x (shovel flag penalty)
Infinity Plank
Merkins IC 5x
Annie IC 10x (both arms)
Plank Jacks IC 10x
Alternating Shoulder Taps IC 10x
Plank March IC 10x
Merkins IC 5x
Did some decorating by that we moved some benches for the following exercise
Hurdles: PAX hold low plank while guy in the end hurdles over them and holds low plank once he reaches the end.
Side Hurdles 2x
Tunnel of Love: PAX hold a plank while guy in the end army crawls underneath and holds plank once he reaches the end
Some sandbags were left behind for our enjoyment
Overhead carry sandbag to the cones w/ shoulder press OYO 10x at the end
Bear Craw down field and backwards bear back (drew inspiration from Facing the Giants but we had odd numbers so we didn’t have to bear craw with someone on our back)
Sandbag bear same as block bear but sub the coupon with a sandbag
Sandbag Swings IC 6x
Curls IC 10x
Walk back to Shack
Asheville Abs IC 5x
Pretzel IC 8x (both sides)
Hello Dolly IC 10x
Rosalita IC 10x
Flutter Kicks IC 10x
Best In Show wanted to test out a new move name to come later
Hold Plank take one leg and move it to the side and back IC 5x (both sides)
He got this move from a YouTube video
LBC IC 10x
RBC IC 10x
Big Boy Situps OYO 10x
American Hammers IC 10x

Convergence at Chickamauga Dam for Labor Day beatdown
Prayer Request:
All the HIM traveling this Labor Day weekend
WOD: Was going to go with a football quote but saw a tweet that really caught my eye. It was from a man that won an Olympic Gold Medal in wrestling back in 1984 in LA.
“I know God exists. I’ve had too many miracles in my life to deny it” – Mark Schultz
We go through life wondering if God still does miracles and the answer is yes. There are many miracles around us but we live in a fast pace world that we don’t take the time to realize them. Us waking up every morning is a miracle. Growing up and reaching where we are at this moment is a miracle. God works in our lives leading us to where we need to be and meeting the people that will help us reach our goals.
Lastly the reason this tweet caught my eye is that life will throw some pretty bad stuff your way and you have to look at the tiny miracles to get you through the day. Mark lost his older brother when the man who created Foxcatcher murdered his brother. So i can only imagine what it took for Mark to get through that.

Recovery Day

QIC: Steam Engine
Date: 08/21/18
PAX: Geek Squad and Ducktales
AO: The Huey
Conditions: Decent weather for some stretching out
Diclaimer: I’m not a pro, push yourself, modify if necessary,

Still recovering from the GoRuck Tough over the weekend I told the HIM that we would be doing A LOT of stretching and a decent amount of Mary and a dash of shoulders
Cotton Pickers IC 15x followed by stretching out to the left then right
Good Morning IC 15x
Fire Hydrates IC 15x then other side
Butterfly Stretch
Right Leg in Left Leg Extended try and grab left toe then switch
Butterfly Stretch
T Stretch Right Leg Across Body to Left Hand then Switch Sides
Hip Stretch (On your back bring right knee across body and to the floor then switch sides)
Little Baby Leg Circles IC 15x (Right Leg)
Little Baby Leg Circles IC 15x (Left Leg)
Alternating Knee Pulls IC 10x (Start with right knee to your chest extend out while bringing in left knee hold and switch back)
Big Baby Arm Circles IC 15x
Reverse Bib Baby Arm Circles IC 15x
Little Baby Arm Circles IC 15x
Reverse LBAC IC 15x
Deep Lunge followed by rolling back to your left leg and trying to grab your right foot then switch sides
Merkins IC 5x
Over under IC 5x
Left Elbow to Right Knee IC 8x switch sides
Finkle Swing 15x both times
Alternating Toe Touches IC 15x
LBC IC 12x
RBC IC 12x
Hello Dolly IC 12x
Rosalita IC 12x
Bay City Scissors IC 5x
Side Leg Raises IC 12x (Right Side)
Side Leg Raises IC 12x (Left Side)
Pretzel IC 8x both sides
Asheville Abs IC 5x

Cam Run 8/25
Fantasy Football draft 8/26

Bridge Beatdown

QIC: Laces Out (Respect)
Pax: Angus, Best in Show (Respect), Bogey, Mr. Clean, The Count (Respect), Vila
AO: Hill City
Conditions: 62 degrees a little overcast but unseasonably warm.
Reminded Pax that YHC typically likes to incorporate some running into his Q workout. So today, told Pax we would run to and do our beatdown on the Walnut Street walking bridge.
12 SSH
12 High Knees
12 Wide High Knees
12 SSH
Mosey to Walnut Street Bridge. Mumble chatter about Valentine’s Day yesterday! So grateful for our M’s.
The Thang
Circuit 1: Bridge Beatdown with Running Man
Merkin mile with squats
10 Incline Merkins IC/10 Squats IC at start of bridge
Run to 1/4 of bridge
10 Incline Merkins IC/10 Squats IC
Run to 1/2 of bridge
10 Incline Merkins IC/10 Squats IC
Run to 3/4 of bridge
10 Incline Merkins IC/10 Squats IC
Run to End of bridge
10 Incline Merkins IC/10 Squats IC
Mosey down the street to the Aquarium.
Circuit 2: Fish Steps Dora
Partner up in front of the Aquarium at the Arch Staircase, which we have affectionately named The Fish Steps. 1st pax runs up and over the Fish Steps while 2nd pax starts the following exercises:
100 incline merkins
200 LBCs
300 Squats
When 1st pax gets back, then switch places and continue where first left off:
Rinse and repeat until finish all reps. Hold plank until all pairs are done.
Mosey down to Market Street bridge and back to Love Shack.
MOM (each Pax took turn leading an exercise)
12 Flutterkicks/ 12 Rosalita en Espanol (Laces Out)
12 Toe Touches (The Count)
15 Hello Dolly (Bogey)
15 Pickle Pounders (Mr. Clean)
12 American Hammer (Best in Show)
15 LBCs (Vila)
20 Freddy Mercury (Angus)
Yesterday was Valentine’s Day. YHC had a great day with my M, sharing in tangible ways how much I love her. We need to express true love to our spouses as commanded in Ephesians 5: 25 “Husbands, love your wives as Christ loved the church.” Challenged us to live everyday with this in mind. Make everyday Valentine’s Day!
Prayer for Parkland, FL high school shooting yesterday.

4 Corners

QIC: Steam Engine
PAX: Pumpkin, Ohms, Juice, Ringwald, Candu, FNG-Tubbs, Mr. Clean, FNG-Geek Squad, Early Bird
AO: Landfill
Date: 1/20/2018
Conditions: 35 degrees warm enough for shorts

Disclaimer: Here on your own free will, am not a professional, push yourself & don’t get hurt, modify exercises if need to
SSH IC 20x
Cherry Pickers IC 15x
Wind Mill IC 15x
Alternating Toe Taps IC 15x
Imperial Walker IC 15x
Mosey to Outhouse and pick up small rocks for some wall sits
The Thang:
Wall Sits w/ Muhammad Ali using rocks IC 10x
Wall Sits w/ Joe Frazier using rocks IC 10x
Wall Sits w/ Shoulder Press using rock IC 10x
Wall Sits w/ Forward Rock Raises IC 10x
Return baby rocks home and pick up a Dwayne and mosey to field
Run 2 laps around the soccer field to allow QIC to drop 4 random cones
Do the following for 5 minutes:
Start at Cone 1 sprint to Cone 2 karaoke to Cone 3 Bernie Sanders to Cone 4 karaoke back to Cone 1
Next series of exercises:
Cone 1: American Hammers w/ coupon then Bear Crawl to Cone 2
Cone 2: Jump Squat then Forward Lunge to Cone 3
Cone 3: Big Boy Sit Ups then Duck Walk to Cone 4
Cone 4: Burpees then Backward Lunge to Cone 1
Start with 10 reps then drop to 9 then 8 and so on

Name FNGs
Prayer Request:
Snowflake with sickness during Orlando trip
Angus’s wife expecting
Pumpkin’s daughter knee injury during game
GoRuck Tough see Vila
Tough Mudder see Ohms
Chattanooga Marathon Relay see Picasso
WOD: Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human master. – Colossians 3:23
I picked this as a verse because I am currently reading The Civilized Engineer by Samuel C. Florman and he talks about how many students are enrolling to be engineers for the money. Florman states “I take little satisfaction in knowing that engineering enrollment has doubled when I learned that young people are entering the profession mainly because it promises steady employment.” During college I had a handful of friends that started off as engineering and after a semester or 2 they would end up changing majors to business. The reason for this is because they were not passionate about engineering, they did not enjoy the learning and challenges that come with engineering. Many people fail in new year resolutions or working out because they are not passionate about what they are doing. In F3 we EH a lot of men and when we do get FNGs they either hate it or fall in love with it and keep coming out. We come out not because we enjoy freezing temperatures but because we love what F3 stands for.