The Hueymelon


QIC: Prosciutto
Date: 06/21/2018
PAX: Ducktales, Fissure, Geek Squad, Geiger, Mr. Clean
AO: Huey


Stupid muggy and hot. Relative humidity was 1000%

The Disclaimer

Give it your best, don’t save anything for later. If you must know, I had cabbage and bok choy yesterday at lunch, so I’ve disclaimed about all I need to about any bad air. You’re welcome. Push yourself.

At the outset of the workout, YHC pulled a cooler out of the car and situated it right beside the shovel flag. Mentioned there may be something in it, but, perhaps not?  It was up to the effort level of the Pax whether or not the contents in that cooler would be rewarded…


SSH x 30 IC, ST Merkins x 12 IC, Heels Up x 12 IC, LOLs x 10 IC, Donkey Kicks x 10 OYO, Burpees x 10 OYO, FKs x 12 IC

The Thang

Given the unfamiliarity of the Huey AO, YHC consulted support on a good spot to do some runs and additional parking lot work. Little did I know, that would involve obstacles.  We hopped a ravine and hit the far parking lot…
Spartan Run x 5
Sprint ~50 yards and walk back to starting point with group
Monkey Humpers x 12 IC
11s at the Thunderdome
Find a bar that you can reach and make 11s with the two exercises in typical fashion; increment Pullups & decrement Prisoner Squats
* Mosey to some parking lot lines and re-group
Perform the following in order for the length of 5 parking spaces (pair up for last effort):
1) Broad jump to line; perform 1 Burpee
2) Bear crawl to line; perform 1 Merkin
3) P1 carry P2 down 5 spaces and P1 wheelbarrow P2 back
(YHC decided to cut this short in order to meet our deadline and also get in some mary)
Pistol LBCs x 20 IC
Pretzel x 10 IC
Flutter Kicks x 12 IC
American Hammer x 10 IC
Rosalita x 12 IC


Watermelon was distributed as the team worked hard in the gloom; they earned it definitely. 
As we devoured the watermelon like a pack of hungry wolves, we discussed the definition of what Fellowship means – a cornerstone component of F3 – and the importance in our lives as a community of leaders of men.