Bear burps


QIC: Ducktales
Date: 11/19/2018
PAX: Kodak, FNG-Hotbox, The Count, Lugnut, Fissure, FNG-Poacher, Picasso, Geek squad, Radiohead, Mr. Clean
AO: The Huey
Conditions warmer than the weekend my Mtn temp at first gloom was 44 F gloom was ominous around the Chopper, just the way we like it!

The Disclaimer was disclaimed we are not professionals YET.. .



SSH x 25 IC

Flutterkicks x 20 IC

Squats x 25 IC

10 Burpees OYO

Wall sit while performing the following exercises:

Moroccan Night Clubs


Joe Fs


5 Derkins

10 Merkins

15 Incline Merkins

10 Dips


Here’s the THANG:

100 Burpees (Partner 2 Bear crawls to the tree and back)

200 Squats (Partner 2 Bears Crawls around tree)

25 8 Counts / Man-Makers (Partner 2 bear crawls to tree and back)

“Olympic Gates”

Everyone hold plank, 1 at a time, full sprint to the flags, then hold plank, until everyone has finished


The duck was under the weather from a long weekend and cleaning night. I did not want to ride in the Gloom, the PAX was my encouragement to be here for my fellow man.
BALL OF MAN: Balled.


FNG Poacher was late he called me and I shared with him I was late to my first Huey post. It was because of a tree down and I almost just went back home but showed up late for a Mr clean beat down that murdered my arms. Took me 12 days to fully recover.


Chattanooga go ruck is scheduled for May the 4th! Star Wars dress encouraged com.
We have flags now for Lions den and landfill come support first week with AO flags 🇺🇸

Upcoming Qs

Clean for thanksgiving and 2nd Cleveland