Off to a Rocky Saturday

QIC: Picasso

Date: 04/27/2019

PAX: Back Pew, Cowbell,  Fissure, Geek Squad, Hasbro, Iron Butt, Money Ball, Peanuts, Skitch, FNG-Song Bird, Venus

AO: The Landfill


Real Nice Clark!


SSH x 20 IC

Imperial Walkers x 15 IC

Baby Arm Circles x 10 IC , Reverse

Chinook x 15 IC

Leg Stretch x 10

Mountain Climber x 15 IC

Calve Stretch x 10 seconds, reverse

Cobra Pose x 10 seconds

Downward Dog x 10 seconds

SSH x 10 IC

The Thang

Mosey down to the bottom of the landfill

Wheel of Merkins (one, one, one, one, etc) x 48

Willy Mayes Hayes x 15

Wide Legged Forward Fold 

Xs and Os

Mosey down to the middle parking lot

LBCs x 20

SSH x 20

Imperial Walkers x 20

Mosey up the grass knoll

Grab two softball sized rocks

Rocked Baby Arm Circles x 10, Reverse

Rocked Cherry Pickers x 10

Rocked Chinooks x 10 

Rocked Shoulder Press x 10

Rocked Butterfly Press x 10

Mosey to the rock garden hill

Grab a decent sized rock

Hollow body hold while keeping rock held in front of head

Hollow body hold while keeping rock held up behind head

Hollow body hold while bench pressing rock

Hollow body hold with rock behind head, then crunch

Diamond Merkins on the rock

Mosey to the bathroom rock garden

Grab a grapefruit sized rock

Wall sits and hold rock out

Wall sit and lift rock up and down

Mosey to the love shack

Indian Run once around the field


LBC x 20

Box Cutter x 20

Flutter Kicks x 20

Hollow Body Hold x 20

Plank x 10

Cobra Pose 

Downward Dog

Forward Fold


Remember to recover. It’s just as important to have good recovery than the workout itself. Without recovery, the art is lost – Picasso



Wow, so much mumble chatter.

  • We learned that Geek Squad has an alien growing in his abdomen region. 
  • Iron Butt had a great few jokes about rocks, stones, pebbles and the male crotchal region.  
  • Venus lead us in a Chinook workout to burn some extra energy
  • Picasso let Hasbro and Fissure know that he now has a big green tractor he bought from his father


GoRuck Chattanooga Tough and Light is the weekend of May 4th. May the 4th be with all who is doing the events.

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