QIC: ducktales

Date: 05/02/2019

PAX: hasbro, She shed, u turn, truck yeah, geeksquad

AO: the Huey


We are in perfect condition, in preparation for weezer at river end we rocked out to their whole album of covers.


SSH ic 18

Windmill ic 18

Little baby arm circles ic 18

Reverse ic 18

Shoulder preempt ic 18

Squat turn punches ic 18

Mosey to start thing

The Thang

At she sheds VQ he blew my mind with the way he used the Huey space. The bleachers ! We have been to the park 100s of post and driven by even more and had not thought about them.

Step up box jumps
stepped up a row with each leg, then box jumped the last row up. 10 oyo

Mosey to wall

Wall set joe Fraser 18 IC

10 Mericans IC

Wall sit Muhammad Ali 18 IC

10 mericans IC

Mosey to shack

10 Decline mericans IC

On sit bus driver 18 IC

10 incline mericans IC

Mosey to tennis courts

Karaoke, Bernie Sanders, karaoke, mosey 3 times around court

Mosey to back street

We back street boys did diamond pushups at the 4 way

Mosied up side street and a dog started barking fiercely, thankfully for the 6 cujo was one a cable.

Met up at the laundry mat, did squats

Mosey back to big flag and SSH 18 IC

10 burpees


Continue in prayer, and watch in the same with thanksgiving. Colossians 4:2


1st birthday Q and it was a smokefest.

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