The Huey – Mr.Clean

QIC: Mr. Clean
Date: 05/20/2019
PAX: Ducktales, Geek Squad, Hasbro, Hector, Milkman, Radiohead, The Count, U-Turn
AO: The Huey


Very humid. 60’s


SSH x20 IC
BAC x10 IC
Reverse BAC x10 IC
Moroccan Night Club x15 IC
Cherry Pickers x15 IC
Shoulder Press x15 IC
SSH x15 IC
The Thang
Insert slightly over ambitious activity.
“Get a Lap, Cletus”
While 8 Pax held a coupon overhead, completed Bent Over Rows, completed Curls, or held plank, the 9th Pax would “Get an AYG sprint”.  This encouraged accountability among the Pax to push themselves for the others benefit.  Completed this until all Pax ran a lap.
2 Steps Forward…1 Step Back
If you’re Prosciutto or Rainman and want to break data down for YHC’s past Q’s, you’ll see I have used this one in the past.  Sprint 2 light poles and complete 10 LBCs IC, sprint 1 light pole back and complete 10 Merkins OYO.
Realizing we still had a little bit of time, YHC decided to throw a round of “Sevens” in there.  6 Bent Over Rows and 1 Squat. Increments and Decrements.


I reference a Backblast from Fissure about how tricky Faith can be.  I read it as something slightly different than his intention.  However, it was great to use to discuss faith in this morning’s Gloom.  YHC is a Christian, I make no bones about this, I wear it proudly, BUT I do not judge others who are not ESPECIALLY those in F3.  After 45 minutes of a beatdown, standing in circle, looking at the faces of fellow Pax, one realizes these guys don’t have trouble with faith.  While it might be different, it is DEFINITELY there because each of them believe in something greater than themselves.  We bow our heads or listen to the words; because, we went through adversity together and that SHOULD forge a respect and love for those other Pax in that circle.
YHC also quoted scriture from Isaiah 40:28-31.  Read a Rick Warren quote.


The Count’s Headlamp was there
The Count had a rave during the Count-a-Rama
Geek Squad, of course, played Paula for us.


Memorial Day Murph Challenge at The Dame
July 13th — Fallen Five Convergence and Ruck event.