D-Day 75th Anniversary

QIC: Mr. Clean

Date: 06/06/2019

PAX: Ducktales, Hasbro, Hector, Hold Up, FNG-Prius, Red Tees, She Shed, The Count (Respect x2), U-Turn

AO: The Huey


Humid. Insta-Sweat. She Shed, “it’s like running through water”.


SSH x25 IC

Forward Fold x10 IC

SSH x25 IC

Forward Fold x10 IC

SSH x25 IC

Willie Mays Hays x15 IC

The Thang

75th Anniversary of the D-Day invasion and 1st Anniversary of The Huey, at Veterans Park no less, so we honored the date this morning.

Route 75
First 10 light poles: Pax completed merkins, jump squats, and 4-Count flutter Kicks and increased the reps by one at each pole. Wrapped it up with 20 reps each at the 11th light pole — 75 total reps of each.

Next Man Up SSH
Pax circled up. Each man led reps until we reached 75 total reps IC.

Block Bears
Pax completed Block Bears for 75 yards.


75 second Plank


It’s D-Day. Celebrate the men that gave for our freedom every day you live in this free country. More was said and with emotion, but you had to be there.


Red Tees likes to plan ahead. He also drives from Decatur…freakin Decatur. Anymore excuses for not showing up.

Some Pax are tired of Jump Squats.


Fallen Five! July 13!


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