Devil in the Details

QIC: Prosciutto

Date: 06/07/2019

PAX: Sunburn (Respect), Money Ball, 9-Volt (Respect), Mayhem (Respect), WuzntMe, Sidekick, Cowbell, Peanuts, Threeskin, The Count (Respect Respect), FNG-Toe Tag, John Doe, Fastlane

AO: Hacksaw


There were conditions, if you got behind me, you were at risk of curry flavored explosions in and around/about yourself. Fully disclosed and disclaimed.

Also – an appropriate time to tell this topical joke –

Why does Snoop Dogg carry an umbrella?
Fo’ Drizzle


– SSH x 20 IC
– Squats x 15 IC
– 4×4’s x 5 OYO = (1 Burpee:4 merkins:4 plank jack)
– Plank x 10 IC
– Third Grade Exercises x 10 IC
– Windmills x 10 IC

* Mosey to Domino’s to grab coupons for the main thang…

Coupons distributed along the line of cones laid out in the field; waiting for a few pax to return, the rest of the pax wall-sit.

Balls to the Wall – to let the blood flow to the head… for thinking/brain power, guys, jeez…queue the mumble-chatter

– While inverted (feet above head) YHC recites the 5 core principals of F3 (see: front page; you’re welcome).

After each principal was recited, the pax completed one inverted push press. 5 principals, 5 presses. That was enough.

Wall Sit / Smurf Jack Super set:
1) WS x 10 IC / SJ x 10 IC

2) WS x 8 IC / Smurf Jack x 10 IC
3) WS x 6 IC / SJ x 6 IC

The Thang

Having done this before in the past, I knew we would be racing the clock, so we got right into it.

Sticking with a theme, we had a “block-man” (representative of the devil, in our context) who sets the pace. Our goal as pax was to beat the devil as is often the case in life. The Devil nipping at one’s heels. Would you let him beat you? Win the race? Gain the upper hand? We found out…

Also – to further the theme, YHC prepared a playlist of songs featuring “Devil”, “Beast”, or some other reference to the underworld. The playlist is …listed… in the Moleskin for those in wonderment.

The Beast 
6 exercises – 6 reps – 6 stations in a line with all you got in between each station; you get the idea.

The Block-Man/Devil changes after he completes 6 stations with the block (full curls) while the rest of the pax complete the following called exercises together:
R1: Merkins
R2: Monkey Humpers
R3: Carolina Dry Docks
R4: Prisoner Squats
R5: Burpees
R6: Lunges

With some time remaining, for extra credit – YHC offered Sidekick his choice of exercise. Without hesitation …
R7: Pickle Pounders


Captain Thor (1:4; BBSU & American Hammers) – up to 6 reps… committed to the theme.


Life has its way of tempting all of us; almost daily. Temptation cannot be avoided, and it is not a race we want to run alone. During the routine this morning, I realized that there was a deeper meaning to racing/fighting/conquering that source of temptation (e.g. the block-man). He tempts you, tires you, shows you that which you cannot/could not attain, makes you want that which you cannot have. But for what reason? Is it good? Is it wholesome? Is it right? Or is it for selfish purpose? Is it for self promotion?

Beat the temptation, thwart the devil or evil-spirited demon driving the temptation by the community with which you surround yourself. That community (perhaps a very non-cultish sort of organization like F3), should be holding you accountable to the things that are good and righteous. Whatever you decide, beating the temptation is not easily done on your own, nor is it recommended. Shield lock with your close F3 brethren, become better and become the opposing force in all temptation with strength in numbers.


  • During BTTW, I offered to the pax that blood circulation (especially in the morning) was a great thing for the brain – for concentration and creativity. A few pax enjoyed the conversation so much they discussed other examples where enhanced blood flow is helpful (particularly in the morning). I seem to mis-remember specific examples that were cited…
  • FNG naming was quick like a guillotine –
    Let me set the scene, John Doe and FNG arrive to the COP during the disclaimer. We commence the workout. Halfway through the routine, John Doe throws deuces and explains that he came this morning only so that the FNG would show up; High Impact Man. John Doe exits stage left, and as a man of clearly Irish descent, he adorns the “Irish Goodbye” moniker well. “Did well”.

    So we proceed with the naming ceremony -Georgia fan, UGA alumni (blech!), fly-fisherman, two kids, works at a paper mill… just wasn’t whetting the appetites of our big-brain’d Pax.

    So, John Doe the unknown throws another unknown man to the f3 wolves… we’re trying to come up with something, and Threeskin blurts out, “John Doe was here and he left so Toe Tag?”… an unknown person in the morgue (or otherwise) would just get a toe tag…and so it goes…

  • YHC is an idiot sometimes and doesn’t understand the regional dialect all that well… ‘Andy Left’? No, stupid, he said “And he left”…
  • Maybe, possibly, changing my name to Pro-sitar due to my undeniable love for curry and Indian cuisine
  • As promised, the playlist as follows:
    • Charlie Daniels Band – Devil went down to Georgia (he was a Georgia Bulldog, after all)
    • Van Halen – Runnin’ with the Devil (don’t forget to touch Howard’s Rock!)
    • Motley Crue – Shout at the Devil (From the Rocky Top Song & Praise Hymnal)
    • Beck – Devil’s Haircut (aka Bama Bangs)
    • INXS – Devil Inside
    • Elvis – (You’re the) Devil in Disguise (Clemson Tigers)
    • Coheed & Cambria – Devil in Jersey City (He was not Italian)
    • Rolling Stones – Beasts of Burden
    • Not played: Beastie Boys – Sure Shot (Because you can’t, you won’t and you don’t stop), the entire Nickelback catalog (on purpose)


I encourage all who are able to be present for Launch #2-6 of this awesome AO. So much to do and explore. Great support and leadership abound. Hacksaw is going to be huge, and grow very quickly. Keep EH’ing the suburban folks you know out in this community.

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