The day we became techno vikings

QIC: Free Candy

Date: 06/08/2019

PAX: Backpew, Candu, Chief, Ducktales, Flyby, Milkman, Moneyball, Otis, Proscuitto, Sheshed, Sidekick, Skitch, Sunburn, Uncle Fester, V2, Venus

AO: Landfill


Couldn’t tell what was drizzle from the sky versus sweat…so there’s that.


  • 21s with SSH, 2 rounds
  • Baby arm circles x15 IC
  • Cherry pickers x15 IC
  • Moroccan night club x15 IC
  • Willie Maze Haze x15 IC
  • Slow squat x15 IC
  • Ass kickers x15 IC
  • Forward Fold IC

The Thang

Jog around the dog park fence counter clockwise. When we arrive at the hill on the one side of it, we stop. Repeat the following pattern:

  • Do a shuffle pattern; count to 4 going left, right, and then backwards.
  • Perform the following exercises doing single counts. First round was x25, second round was x15.
    • Merkins
    • Pickle Pointers
    • Carolina Dry Socks (split between legs – it’s my new take on Carolina Dry Dock where one foot is in the air)
    • Plank
    • Heel raises
    • Big boy sit-ups
  • Jog a lap, counter clock wise, around the fenced dog park area
  • If you finish first, find someone who isn’t done yet and join them with their remaining exercises

At the end of one set, where all exercises are done, we took a couple 10 counts then grabbed some rocks nearby on the wood line.

  • With the rocks, x10 tricep extensions, x10 bicep curls, x10 overhead presses.

After both sets, doing x25 then x15 of each, we skipped the rocks. 

Jailbreak up the big hill and mosey to the pavilion.


  • Superman’s (up down, lean right, lean left)
  • ABCs in cadence (leg lift and you draw letters of alphabet)
  • American hammers
  • Regular plank, call “down” and everyone goes to low plank. Call “up” to go back up. Call “left side” to hold plank with left hand and foot. Same with right.
  • Gas pump (start in LBC position then switch to straighten legs into dolly)


Reading the book “Everybody, Always” by Bob Goff. My sister bought it for me for Christmas. The main idea of this book is that you should love everybody, always. Love the people that creep you out, love the people that annoy you. Don’t just love the ones who love you well.

One of the largest hurdles that keeps us from doing that is something that you’re probably feeling as you picture loving those people who you don’t understand; and that is fear.

What has stuck out to me so far is the immense desire this book has given me to scrap all of the fears that hold me back in life. Jesus on multiple occasions tells people to “be not afraid” and explains the importance of having a childlike faith. The author expands on the phrase “childlike faith” by stating that children do not have any fear in as many areas we we do as adults. How beautiful is that? And sure some fears are certainly healthy and keep us from getting in bad situations, but so many fears do hold us back. But children have a stronger sense of curiosity than a fear that holds them back.

If I could break through the barrier of fear in my life I could do so much greater. First and foremost I could love the Lord more fully than I do now. I would take some more risks, socially.

So thank you all for coming out today and being here when I have major fear that isn’t workout won’t be good or that it won’t be long enough. So what?


Venus said his heart rate shot up to 250bpm at one point (or was that the Katy Perry EDM on the speaker?).

Proscuitto loved the music so much that during the announcements, he shared that he would start exclusively listening to EDM and wants accountability in that.


Upcoming Ruck for the Fallen 5.

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