Bout as Dumb as Football in the Dark

QIC: Sidekick

Date: 06/10/2019

PAX: Early Bird, Peanuts, Mayhem, Threeskin, Fast Lane, Sparky, Oiler

AO: Beast Ridge


72 and Humid, but no rain


3rd Grade Exercises ICX15; SSH ICX20; Willie Mays Hays ICX12; Forward Fold ICX12; SSH ICX20; Right over Left ICX8; Left Over Right ICX8; Slow Squats ICX12; Cherry Pickers ICX12; Moroccan Night Club ICX12; Chinook ICX12; Shoulder Press ICX12

The Thang

Mosey to the First Pavilion

Super Dips ICX20; Dercans ICX10; Ircans ICX10

Mosey to the light Pole

Lunge to the Curb and back; Broad Jump to the Curb and back; Slow Squats ICX15

Mosey to the new Futbal field

Someone? left a bag of corn.  Yessssss.  and a football.

3 Burpees on your own to test the new grass.  Luscious.  

Break out into 3 corners. 

Corner one holds plank while the first PAX runs a GO route.  4 PAX at this corner.

Corner 2 is where the Football should be caught.  Not frequently.

Corner 3 is where you do 5 squats and then 5 more squats with the corn.  2 PAX at this corner.

Corner 4 is for the QB.  One PAX performs Moroccan Night Club other PAX launches the pigskin.

Rotation happens after each throw.  A completed pass results in no penalty.  An incomplete pass results in 3 burpees for the QB and Receiver

We rotated through this quite a few times, mostly unsuccessfully.


We all make mistakes.  Some we look back on as being bout as dumb as football in the dark.  But, they are memories none the less.  Growth can’t happen without assuming some level of risk.  Put yourself out there, take some risk.  Can’t grow as a person, professionally, emotionally, culturally or spiritually without it.


Mayhem and Peanuts are like Tom Brady and Wes Welker.  Threeskin can throw underhanded and over handed.  My hands failed me today.  I love the new field, going to be home base for me at Beast Ridge from now on.


Fallen Five Ruck on 7/13 after convergence at the Dame.

July 4th Convergence at beast Ridge???

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