Leave No Muscle Behind

QIC: Sunburn

Date: 06/11/2019

PAX: Candu, Steam Engine, Dirk, Countdown, Whoopi, Ascot

AO: Boneyard


A pleasant 60 degrees. Is this fall?  I’m not complaining but Candu was confused as to what to wear.  He ultimately decided to wear shorts and his tee so no one would make fun of him. 


Mosey to the Landing Strip

SSH, Forward Fold, Willie Mays Hayes, Imperial Walkers, Mountain Man Poopers, SSH

The Thang


Bear Crawl to light post, run back
Lunge to light post, run back 
Burpee Broad Jumps to the light post and run back.

Mosey to Benches
10 Step Ups each leg x 2
10 Incline Merkins x 2
10 Bench Dips x2

Mosey back to Landing Strip
Run to first light and back 5 Merkins
Run to 2nd light and back 5 Werkins
Run to 3rd light and back 5 Diamond Merkins

Round 2:
Run to 1st light and back 5 Carolina Dry Dock
Run to 2nd light and back 5 Carolina Dry Socks (Right Leg)
Run to 3rd light and back 5 Carolina Dry Socks (Left Leg)

Mosey to the Jail Yard

7 Station Circuit
Dips, AB Machine-Leg Lifts, Box Jumps, Decline Merkins, Pull Ups, Spring Squats, LBC’s

Lap around the track and repeat the 7 Station Circuit

Lap Around the track but last 150 yards breakout for the parking lot.


Shared Galatians 5:22-24 “The Fruit of The Spirit”

These are all great attributes to have and strive for but how do we get there? It’s by our daily walk, seeking the words of Jesus through His word, prayer and meditation. We can truly fake this stuff but when it becomes natural and an outpouring from your life that’s when it’s Spirit led and becomes truly a Fruit.  Thank you “Countdown” for adding and reminding us that we are the vine and without the branch (Jesus) it’s impossible to bear fruit.

No Prayer request.

Upcoming Ruck Event for fallen 5 on July 


Weather was crazy good. 

Good to have Steam Engine roll in to check out the Boneyard. The dude is a beast. 

Ascot is enjoying the married life and has come back to us after a brief absence. 

Candu as always was good for some obscene moans and groans of pain. Hit him with the unexpected 5 burpees at the end.

Burpee Bus lives although we only caught 2 this morning.  


Found out that Roadhouse has sold his business and that’s why Dirk has been absent, he’s had a lot to do to get ready for the sale. 

Roadhouse gets off his crutches this week. 

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