The horse you rode in on

QIC: ducktales

Date: 06/27/2019

PAX: the count, hasbro, milkman, geeksquad, u-turn, hector, Mr. Clean, she shed

AO: the Huey


The crickets were chirping, 3/16th wheel of cheese glowing in the sky, not as cloudless. 68 degrees and windless. The grass was not wet at all…… ahhh hahaha


Mosey lap,

calf stretches (these were be very important for donkey calve raises)

10 burpees

20 mericans


Penalty burpees

21s Smurf jacks

Penalty burpees

10 diamond mericans


Now we are warm

grab a coupon, Partner up for …..

The Thang

Moving Olympic weights while partner bear crawls, crab walks, then crawl bears, then Moseys


VARIOUS DIFFERENT WEIGHTS- rep till partner returns.

Donkey calf raises with parter as weight


  1. Triceps exceptions
  2. Curls
  3. Cling and press
  4. Farmers carry
  5. Jump rope
  6. Deadlift


flutter kicks

15 burpees


Recover burpees

Flutter kicks ic

Ww2 sit-ups ic


Partner up for the donkey calf raises.

Mosey more!

6ish various Mary’s

More burpees


The horse you rode in on. 
We have to communicate our concerns and how we want to help or be a part of their lives. Make a phone call when you are upset, if the someone reply’s with a text… bless them the poor millennial. Don’t change your game, call them later or the next day.

Great conversation and prayer request from pax. I am honored to be a part of the Huey.


we completed 21s perfectly… the count counted during 21s said the q stopped counting he didn’t have to.

Cling and press is way harder mid beatdown with you are sorta smoked.

Plate Farmers carry was slippery for mr. Clean so he switched it up and suitcase carried. She shed just finger lifted the plates…

Thank you waterboy for this inspiration of how to make our calves get swoll.

Mumble during Mary added burpees

The post post hurt 2nd F is strong I have to get exit around 6:15 and haft the pax were still there talking!


F3chatt convergence july 4th

Fallen 5 July 13th

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