A Morning of Pole Dancing – 9-Volt

QIC: 9-Volt

Date: 06/29/2019

PAX: Steam Engine, Topless, Fast lane, Snooze Button, Rug Doctor, Schnitzel, Clothes Pin, Deep Dish

AO: The Battery




Mosey to the greenway.  SSH x 20 IC,  Windmill x 15 IC, Baby arm circles Fwd x15 IC, Rev x15 IC,  Seal clap x15 IC, Forward fold x15 IC

The Thang

10 Poles & 10 Dances
At pole 1 is a list of exercises with a starting quantity and an increment.  Starting with first exercise PAX proceeds to each pole adding to the quantity.  Anyone finishing early must proceed to the next pole by means of a standing broad jump until the six passes them.  After which they can mosey.  After each set of 10 poles PAX moseys to the pavilion for 1 minute intervals of (1) Star Gazers, (2) Dips, (3) Step ups. Then mosey to 1st pole and proceed with next exercise.
1.  Merkins  Qty = 5  Inc = 2
2. Squats     Qty = 10 Inc =2
3. Mountain Climber  Qty = 5 Inc = 2
4. Captain Thor  Qty = 1  Inc = 1 


 Counterama, Namerama


Nobody thought to tell Topless that Saturday workouts start at 7:00am so he was waiting when I showed up at 5:45 to do my last minute planning


Convergence at Camp Jordan on the 4th

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