“Be Prepared” The Scouts Challenge – 07/01

QIC: Milkman

Date: [07/01/2019]

PAX: Whittler, Geek Squad, Fissure, Ducktales, Radiohead, Hasbro, Hector, Truck Yeah, Hold Up, U-Turn, Red Tees

AO: [The Huey]


Warm, clear and Humid


The Boys Scouts of America was formed in 1910 and is this country’s largest youth organization

All warmup exercises are in cadence

29 Side Saddle Hops

There are 3 AIMs in Scouting – Three arm exercises

(21 merit badges earned to get Scouting’s highest rank, Eagle – 21 count of arm exercises)

  1. Character Development – 21 Baby Arm Circles

2. Citizenship Training – 21 Moroccan Night Clubs

3. Personal Fitness – 21 Cherry Pickers

11 Eagle Scouts have walked on the moon – Third Grade exercise – 11 count

24 Side Saddle Hops while repeating the 12 Points to the Scout Law

Trustworthy, Loyal, Helpful, Friendly, Courteous, Kind, Obedient, Cheerful, Thrifty, Brave, Clean and Reverent

Got to Be Prepared – AIM #3 – Personal Fitness

Pair Up! In the Scouts we use the Buddy System. To make Eagle, its proven boys are more likely if they have a best friend in their unit along the way. Only 2 out of 100 ever make the Eagle rank.

Boys must complete the following exercises to rank-up

Mosey 1 lap around track, completing exercises at every-other light post

1st Light Post – Between buddies – 50 push ups

2nd Light Post – Between buddies – 75 big boy situps – There are 135 merit badges to choose from

3rd Light Post – box jumps to the next light post

4th Light Post – Each buddy 14 side saddle hops – Boys have to move through 14 ranks to get to Eagle

Mosey Lap 2 – Scouts love outdoor activity. Climbing is a favorite!

1st-2nd light poles – shuffle facing the cliff to the left

2nd light pole – Switch, shuffle facing the rock wall to the right

3rd light pole – Bernie – Keep that balance up!

Sidewalk to center park flag – 30 Mountain Climbers

Got to Be Prepared – First Aid

Cub Scouts are taught First Aid in every grade. This reduncancy is built-in to reinforce preparedness when tragedy happen. The First Aid merit badge is the most popular earned and required to make Eagle. “Quick there is an emergency on the mountain!”

Jailbreak to end of sidewalk at pavilion

 Relay race in-between sidewalk and track. Scouts learn different carries to transport others. Injured participants switch out with others so everyone helps carry. (2 groups of buddies broke up to play injured)

Front to Back Carry

2-handed seat Carry

4-handed seat Carry

“Oh no, your injured person has passed out and no longer has a pulse!”

30 single count Star Pushups to signify the compressions in CPR (with everyone badly signing “Stayin Alive”)

Mosey back to the parking lot

Round of Merrys

30 Freddy Mercury’s – Scouts must complete 100 miles to earn Bicycle merit badge

20 Flutter Kicks – Scouts must swim a continuous 100 yards for Swimming merit badge

20 American Hammers – Scouts must complete 50 yards for Rowing merit badge

Boat to Canoe – Scouts have to paddle a swamped canoe for 50 feet for Canoeing merit badge


Congratulations! Today you’ve completed most of the personal fitness requirements to earned your Eagle award.  

Just as I am in the Scouts, I challenge each of you to find an organization which is important to growing our next generation and then help.  These organizations should always be ran by volunteers who show true passion in it’s mission. Scouting is noble of being supported because in the 109 year history, the 12 points of the Scout Law (how to live your life) have NEVER changed. These character traits are timeless.

I stand in front of 100 different families every August at my Cub Scout Pack and challenge parents to set aside 1 hour a week to spend with their child in a character development program. There is NOTHING I enjoy more in life than seeing that light in my kids’ eyes when they learn something new or they find new love in having fun with their friends. Don’t just drop your kids off.  Go and be there with them.  Build the relationship. This is the next generation which will impact others and our community.