How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Hate the 10 Count

QIC: WuzntMe

Date: 7/1/2019

PAX: Early Bird, MaYhem (R), Sparky (R), Fastlane, Oiler, Peanuts, Sidekick, Focker

AO: Beast Ridge


Warm, muggy. It’s July, so…


Mosey from flags to the first parking lot. Bernie, Karaoke, High Knees, Primetime to circle up around lightpost.

SSHx 25
10 HalfBurpees
SSH x 25
10 HalfBurpees
Forward Fold x 30
Left over Right x10
Right over Leftx10
Merkins IC x 15

LBAC x 20
10 Count
Reverse LBAC x20
10 count
Shoulder Presses x20
10 Count
Chinooks x20

10 bulgarian half squats, left and right
5 burpees OYO

The Thang

Mosey back to first pavilion. Line up for wall sits and Threeskin’s Cookie Jar. If break needed, PAX were encouraged to do five merkins, then reclaim air chair.

Pass jar back and forth x4
Pass jar back and forth x 4, with five merkins after pass
pass jar back and forth x 4, with five shoulder presses with jar
pass jar back and forth x 4, hold jar straight out for 5 count

Recover. Indian run down to Fastlane’s Love Shack.

Grab a table. All exercises control freak (YHC calls up, pause, calls down):
10 reverse rows/stargazers – hold 10 count on last rep
10 decline merkins – hold 10 count on last rep
10 dips – hold 10 count on last rep
10 stargazers – hold 10 count on last rep

Indian Run back to flags. 

Circle up – hold plank.
Ring of fire right (left hand down, right hand on shoulder of man next to you, until full circle complete) – hold for 10 count
Ring of fire left- hold for 10 count.



 CIRCLE OF TRUST:  YHC encouraged PAX to stretch their skills and limits for the rest of the year. 2019 is almost over. Redouble your commitments, and try to do difficult things.  If you think you cannot do something, then you cannot. 
BALL OF MAN: Prayers for Fastlane’s wife’s grandmother. Prayers for the rest of the year. Prayers for family. 


MaYhem is suspicious as to how I know both of his daughter’s boyfriends; they used to go to church with me. I still go to church, MaYhem. Just sayin’…

Sparky and Oiler are trying to figure out how to plant F3 in Dalton. They’ve got a park picked out, but need more PAX coming to Chattanooga first…

Sidekick encouraged us to beat his posting record this year. 

Everytime I’ve brought the Cookie Jar, Threeskin is a no-show.

We all miss Djibouti.


7/4 convergence, rucking ruckers who ruck for the Fallen Five.

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