Game Day – Wiffle Fut

QIC: Sidekick

Date: 06/29/2019

PAX: Milkman, Uncle Fester, Back Pew, Cow Bell, Threeskin, Venus, Sunburn, Loco, Candu, Peanuts

AO: landfill


72 and humid.  Shocker


SSH ICX20; Forward Fold ICX10; SSH ICX15; Slow Squats ICX12; Left over Right ICX10; Right over Left ICX10; Mercans ICX15; Willie Mays Hays ICX12

The Thang

Wiffle ball

Wiffle ball was fun.  Split into 3 teams with two teams in the field while the other hit.  3 Burpee penalty for any strike out for batters; 3 burpee penalty for each run given up for the fielders.

Captains were Threeskin, Peanuts and Sunburn.  Threeskin had the first pick followed by Sunburn then peanuts.  

Peanuts took the first bat and the team plated a single run.  Sunburn was next and took a goose egg.  Team threeskin scored a pair and took the lead after inning 1.  Peanuts plated another solo tally in the second and final inning to tie it up.  Team Sunburn also plated a run but it was too little too late.  Team Threeskin walked it off in fashion on a missile off the bat of Sidekick for a 4-2-1 victory.  Oh the DRAMA!

The game was not without incident.  Peanuts tried to stretch a single into a homer and was pegged out at home.  He was unaware of the pegging rule which he later googled and found to be accurate.  As with all of our games with bases there were multiple wipe-outs and potential injuries.


we then transitioned to Futbol.  Slightly modified to no goalies which again caused some controversy.  It was Peanuts again who decided to use his God given homosapien advantage (aka hands) to stop shots on two different occasions.

The game was tight with Team Milkman using a more technical approach while Team Loco was driven by the magical wizadry of Loco’s feet.  

There was a shot from midfield that arced and curved into the net and an actual cross that found its mark to be deflected into the net.  So, it did appear like a real sport at times.

The game ended in a 5-5 tie.  There were no legitimate injuries, only the normal futbol flops


Be safe and remember what the Holiday is for.  Have a good weekend


Covered most of this in the beat report above


7/4 Convergence at the beast.  7 AM

Fallen 5 Ruck a thon on 7/13 at the Dame.  7AM

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