Slow & Steady Freddy @ The Boneyard by VSquared- 07/02

QIC: VSquared

Date: 07/02/2019

PAX: The Count, Iron Butt, Dirk, Vila, Candu, Ducktales, Sunburn, Bookworm, Peanuts

AO: The Boneyard


A Fine Gloom


  1. Rise & Shine Yoga Sequence (via Vila)
    1. Forward fold x10
    2. Upward dog x10
    3. Downward dog x10
  2. Willie Mays Hayes x10
  3. Imperial Walkers x20
  4. Merican’ x40
  5. Side Straddle Hop x30 (last x10 Double time)
  6. Mosey around baseball diamond then to little tennis courts while doing some high knees and butt kickers.

The Thang

Slow it down, stay in cadence.
Slow & Steady Freddy
Slowing it all down. Taking some good breaths. Consistently moving. Staying cadence with those around you while you hold the position. All of this is part of doing life well and being in community, why not practice it here on occasion.

    1. Legs (Tennis Court):
      1. Indian Lunges around the court.
      2. Bear Crawl Suicides with +5 Mercan’s in each line.
      3. Slow Squats x30
    2. Arms (Mini Workout Station):
      1. Mosey to retaining wall below T-court, line up, do Line O’ Dips count up by twos to 10 at a time (start once the guy in front of you hits his first set, then the guy in front can rest in dip position until others finish, too)
      2. Mosey to little workout area split up
        1. Pull Ups x10 (get a friend if you need assistance);
        2. Leg presses;
        3. Mercan’s on the unstable platform;
        4. Angle Ups;
        5. Sitting Butterfly Machine.
        6. Etc. depending on the number of PAX.
      3. Mary @ starting parking lot.


Last time I lead at the beginning of the month I talked about getting back to the basics, and this month it’s been really hard for me with lots of travel and tons of piling up at work. I get really distracted when the odds of accomplishing something that feels significant start piling up against me. I lose sight of the basics.

Two things I got reminded of recently are the Daily Office, or the practice of slowing down and allowing space to be present with your higher power, and the practice of Sabbath. Both of these are there to give us a true taste of freedom, and for me, this last month has needed those little things to keep drawing me back to faith.

It’s needed some harder things, too, like deeper struggles with lust and fantasy, higher levels of depressive tendencies, and anxiety at work. But by my God’s Grace those things now push me towards my higher power most the time, and many times it’s on my Sabbath when for no other reason sometimes than being exhausted I get a sweet taste of faith is really about. Not just rest, much less laziness, but the balance of allowing oneself to be truly used and then finding the in-clings of a job well done.

I’m far from mastering this balance, and this last month I’ve been reminded of that. But I have also found a deeper more sustained desire for that balance, and I’m encouraged by that. I hope you all will join me in seeking it more and more today and throughout your weeks.


We all need others besides us sometimes, so don’t leave anyone in the dust that’s trying.


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