Greenway Fun and Games – Rug Doctor – 07/03

QIC: Rug Doctor (R)

Date: 07/03/2019

PAX: Bubbles (R), Clothespin, Deep Dish, Fastlane, 9 Volt (R), Topless (R), WuzntMe

AO: The Battery


Muggy and gloomy, gloomy and muggy.


Mosey down the Greenway (Indian Run with 60lb. sandbag – two men).  Ran between Dog Park and circled up in the lower parking lot.

SSH IC x 20
Monkey Humpers IC x 20
Copperhead Squats IC x 20
Dirty Dogs (R & L) IC x 20
Lil’ Baby Arm Circles (Forward & Reverse) IC x 20
Cherry Pickers IC x 20
Don Quixote’s IC x 20

Grab the sandbag and mosey down the parking and up to the top of Hell Hill and back down to the start of the Greenway.

The Thang

Dora – Partner Run (Teams of 2)

100 Burpees  – 200M Run
200 Merkins – 200M Run
100 Lunges – 200M Run
200 SSH – 200M Run
100 Squats – 200M Run
200 High Knees – 200M Run

Freddie Mercury’s IC x 20
Little Baby Crunches IC x 20
Leg Lifts IC x 20
Hello Dollies IC x 20


CIRCLE OF TRUST: Building on the theme of “Fellowship” don’t pass up the opportunity to connect with other brothers.  Hold each other accountable.
BALL OF MAN: Prayers for Fastlane’s family as the provide care for his wife’s Grandmother.  Prayers for Clothespin’s upcoming trip to Central America.


Fastlane comes prepared.  Not only does the man ALWAYS have exrta pairs of glothes he also carries an inhaler!


Fallen Five Convergence and Ruck at The Dame Saturday July 13, 2019 – No workout at The Battery.

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