I’d Rather Be Camping

QIC: Sidewinder

Date: 07/06/2019

PAX: 9-Volt, Rug Doctor, Deep Dish, Topless, Fast Lane, Snooze button, Clothespin, Schnitzel,  Wuzntme

AO: The Battery


Dry concrete, damp grass, sweaty PAX


Mosey around the dog park,  SSHx20 IC, Willy Maze Hazex20 IC, Baby arm circles Fwdx20 IC, Revx20 IC, Seal Clapx20 IC, Cherry pickersx20 IC, Windmill x10 IC

The Thang

Making it up as we go
Mosey to the 10th light pole, PAX is give a set of 2 exercises. One exercise is done at odd number poles starting with a quantity of  10 and decreasing by two.  The other exercise is done at even number poles starting with a quantity of 1 and increasing by two.
1. Merkins/Squats
2. Big boy sit ups/SSH
3. Mountain Climbers/Star Jacks
Mosey to the pavilion and pick out a bolder
1. Bolder step ups x25
2. Merkinsx10
3. Bolder curls x25
4.  Merkins x5
5. Tricep Press x25
6. Merkins x5
Mosey to the flags
1. Leg lifts x 10
2. Plank x10


 For any of you who have not Q’ed a work out, consider stepping up.  This is all part of F3’s mission of invigorating male leadership and it isn’t that difficult.

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