Fun with Hurpees

QIC: Jazzy Jag

Date: 07/29/2019

PAX: Early Bird, Fast Lane, Threeskin, Mayhem, Best in Show, Sidekick, Peanuts, Focker

AO: Beast Ridge


Dark. 69 degrees, everywhere except in the mist, which held a chill…


Mosey 1 lap of soccer field, Muhammad Alis IC during mosey

Circle up at the bottom of the hill (spoiler alert)
SSHs x 20
merkins x 5
squats x 10
forward fold x 10

SSHs x 20 with speed boost
Willie mays hays x 10
Slow merkins x 5
Windmill x 10
SSHs x 20 with double speed boost

Mosey 1 lap of soccer field – with LBACs OYO during mosey

The Thang

Hurpees with Partners
PAX partner up and contain their excitement very well as they hear about the opportunity to do burpees with hurdles (get it?). Each HIM performs a standard burpee, with the jump portion involving a jump over your partner as they are down performing the ground-based portion of their burpee. Then roles reverse. Hurpees performed in single count x 24 OYO

Sprint to the top of the hill and hold Al Gore/plank til 6 arrived, then Mosey across the field to stairs.

Oh no, my leg fell off
Q keeps commitment to “no regular burpees” by introducing Prosthetic Burpees. One legged burpees are just as fun as they sound and can be very handy if you lose a leg during a workout. Maybe we should do one-armed burpees next Jazzy Q? 4 on each step, 20 total, single count

Circuitous mosey back across field to bottom of hill
10 each SSH, Imperial Walker (each), Lunge (each)

Please Sir can I have another
Repeat Hurpees with different partner x 24
Sprint to top of hill, Al Gore/plank
Mosey across field
Repeat Prosthetic Burpees up the stairs x 16

Intermission 2
Circuitous mosey back across field to bottom of hill
10 each windmills (each), fire hydrants (each, ask Best in Show about this one), LBACs (each direction)

PAX weep in disappointment that there isn’t enough time for another round of fun, so we take it up the hill one more time and mosey back to parking lot.

American Hammer ICx10
Flutter kicks ICx10
LBCs ICx10
Box Cutters ICx5 sloooow count
Pickle Pointers ICx10



I started at F3 Alpha near Atlanta and found a great group of men, good fellowship and great physical challenges. When I came to Chattanooga I was skeptical that the level of challenge would be the same. Let’s just say that fear was unfounded. It helped that my first 3 workouts were Qed by The Count (respect x 2). It is a reassuring and satisfying thing to have something or someone in your life that is consistent enough that you always know what you’re going to get. My challenge to these men was to be that consistent element in their circles – F3, marriage, children, friends, coworkers. Be consistent and constant and let people have confidence that you will always be available as a support and encouragement.


“Read that back to me”
Sidekick, Best in Show and Threeskin were the kids in the back of the class who had trouble listening to the Q.

Many comments were made about VQs and how everyone enjoys them (I think?)


Dadurday 8/10 at the Landfill.