Own the Day

QIC: Whittler

Date: 07/29/2019

PAX: Freetime, Hasbro, U-turn

AO: The Huey


Surprisingly cool


Little warm up 4×4 mosey with incremental 4x4s around the track

SSH x 20

Imperial Walker x 20

Arm circles x 10 each direction

Seal Claps x 15

Windmills x 15

Third Grade Exercises x 15

SSH x 15

The Thang

YHC modified to accommodate the low PAX numbers in order to leave no man behind.
Super 21s in cadence
Squats on one end beginning with 1

LBCs on the other beginning with 20

Run about 30 yards in between

To the Pavilion

Bench dips x 10

Incline merkin x 10

Bench Thrusters x 10

Decline merkin x 10

MoM Dealers choice (4 min)

Pretzel both sides

Dogward dog

V ups


YHC has been reading “Own the Day” recently and has been inspired.  The basic premise of each chapter is taking one part of your day and optimizing it.  If you put these things together, you can “own the day” instead of it owning you.  The chapter last night was regarding work and finding fulfillment in your work.  Workers who are happy and fulfilled in what they are doing tend to do better work.  Those that feel hindered tend to be less efficient and hate their job.  Up to 80% of people hate going to work everyday.  Why spend life doing something that makes you miserable?  Find your passion, follow your dream, and achieve levels you’ve never achieved before.


Fairly low on the MC this morning but it was great spending time with guys I don’t see too often.

Prayed for those who weren’t able to be with us for reason of work, injury, illness, etc.  


8.10.19 Dadurday at the Landfill

8.24.19 Cam Run

9.27.19 Unteal There is a Cure Golf Tournament – get your team together and register!

10.12.19 Equatorial Guinea Independence Day

12.25.19  Christmas Day

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