Chirotera Feces Crazy

QIC: 9 Volt

Date: 08/10/2019

PAX: Deep Dish, Mrs Baker, Fast Lane, Mustang, Pumba, Clothespin

AO: The Battery


Rainbows and unicorns


Mosey to the greenway

SSH x 20 IC
BAC Fwd x 15 IC
BAC Rev x 15 IC
Seal Clap x 15 IC
Slow Squat x 15 IC
Willie Maze Haze x 15IC
Crab Jacks x 15IC
Mosey to the first light pole

The Thang
PAX performs exercise at each of 10 light poles increasing quantity at each. At the 10th pole PAX moseys to the pavillion for:

Stargazers (max in 1 minute)
Dips (max in 1 minute)
Step ups (max in 1 minute)

Pole dances
1. Merkins  5 + 1
2. Squats 10 +2
3. Capt Thor 1 + 1
4. Burpees 1 + 1


Count-O-Rama  7 PAX in attendance (no puppies)
Name-O-Rama  Pumba got to try out his new name for the first time 

After a particularly tough day yesterday I am reminded of how overcoming challenges allows us to be confident that we can handle lesser challenges in the future.  Unless this is the biggest thing you have ever faced you know you can deal with it.  This is true of both a hard workout or a tough assignment at work.

Prayer Requests:  For Fastlane’s grandmother-in-law,  for Mrs. Baker’s friend Tom


The heat was oppressive and the mumble chatter minimal
Deep Dish loves crab jacks


Scenic City Mud Run  Sept. 8th

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