Run Amuck ( A very long muck) Sidewinder

QIC: Sidewinder

Date: 07/31/2019

PAX: Mrs Baker, Fastlane, Deepdish, Clothepin, 9 volt, Rugdoctor, WuzntMe

AO: The Battery


Suprisingly pleasant

Mosey around the dog park

SSH ICx20, Slow Squats ICx20, LBAC…fwd ICx20…rev ICx20, Seal clap ICx15, Freddy Mercury ICx20

Mosey around dog park and back to the pavilion

The Thang

Run amuck (A long one)
PAX selects their favorite bolder and performs a series of quantity based exercises OYO,  after which they run a lap around the volley ball courts and end up back at the pavilion for the next round.

  1. Merkins  x25
  2. Dips x25
  3. Rock Squats x25
  4. Rock Curls x25
  5. Over head presses
  6. Star Gazers x20
    Decrease Qty by 5 for each round


The circle was trusted, the PAX was counted and names were Rama’ed
The jack on the back of Sidewinder’s jeep is just for show and he keeps a pack of Q-tips in the glove box so he can polish off any dirt


Saturday 8/10/19 – F3 Dad’s workout.  Bring your 2.0 to the Landfill

Saturday 9/7/19 – Scenic City Mud Run – Greenway farms

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