QIC: Milkman

Date: 09/19/2019

PAX: Geek Squad, Couch Potato, Freetime, U-Turn, Ducktales

AO: The Huey


Cooler then usual, almost pleasant.


  • Dynamic stretches and exercises – 75 goals scored in 2019
    • 25 Side Saddle Hops
    • 25 merkins
    • 25 Mountain Climbers

Lap around the track, alternating exercises while moving from light to light

  • High knees
  • Side shuffles facing inside track
  • Side shuffles facing outside of track
  • Karaokes facing outside
  • Karaokes facing inside
  • Bernies


The Thang

What do our hometown professional footballers go through in a light practice? Time to find out!

Static Stretching (4 for 4x National Runner-Up in the NPSL)

  • Forward Fold
  • Willie Mays Hayes
  • Hamstring
  • Groin stretch

Everyone on a ball!  Plenty of balls to go around.  (exercises with ball at feet)

  • 25 Tic Tocs
  • 25 Toe Touches per foot
  • 25 pull backs per foot

Speed Square – cones setup at each corner of a 15ft square. Bursts of speed in-between cones concentrating on cutting quick. Alternated exercises as we rounded the corners. Each PAX rounded the square 7 times.  (Total time in the square is 11 for 11 Seasons of Chattanooga Football Club!!)

  • Forward sprints
  • Shuffles
  • Bernies
  • Passing sprint drill – PAX line up behind cone. The PAX next inline calls a cone (left,right,center), passes the ball there. PAX in front sprints to retrieve the ball and brings back. Each PAX goes 6 times.

Agility Ladder – PAX lined up in single-file line at one end of ladder and proceeded through the rungs with a certain exercise. FAST feet! (Ladder was a little small, may have been intended for kids)

  • Both feet in!
  • Step-out
  • Step-over

Hula Hoops – PAX paired up. 1 ball between each pair. 1 PAX had to shield other from the ball while keeping it at their feet. We tried to keep inside a hula hoop, but that got a little dangerous. Trip hazard! Everyone loved the FULL-CONTACT! PAX switched who was on the ball as the other was able to get the ball away.

Suicides – Back parking lot – Straight forward sprints, down and back

  • 3 parking spaces
  • 6 parking spaces
  • 10 parking spaces

Mosied back to circle up for abs and cool-down exercises

  • 11 flutter kicks
  • 20 Freddy Mercurys
  • 20 American Hammers
  • Boat to Canoe
  • Leg muscle recovery – shake it out!




Chattanooga Football Club was established and is ran by Chattanoogans. Support for the organizations is grass-roots built. It doesn’t take alot of money to do something great.  CFC has proven greatness many times in it’s history for play on the field, organization off the field and the investments it continues to make in our community.  Our team is now recognized in its sport as a national and international leader for lower-division soccer.  Support home-grown local business. They have the MOST INVESTED in our communities, constantly giving back. CFC players and staff directly and monetarily invest in

  • The CFC  Foundation – helping talented individual youth be able to play at the highest levels
  • CFC Academy – uniting our town’s best youth players
  • Highland Park Commons – Maintaining turf fields in the Highland Park community for recreation and instructional play of the beautiful game into the inner city
  • Operation Get Active – an after-school program offered to our inner city elementary schools
  • Chattanooga Sports Ministry – offering youth and amateur sports leagues