The Big Thank You

QIC: Skitch

Date: 10/05/2019

PAX: Back Pew, Candu, Chief, Money Ball, Pink Panther, Steam Engine

AO: Landfill


It’s dark at 7. Gloomy really.


Willy Mays Hays x 20 IC

Forward Fold x 15 IC

Seal Claps x 15 IC

Imperial Walkers x 15 IC

LBAC’s x 10 each direction IC

Cherry pickers x 15 IC

Bonnie Blairs x 10 IC

Merkins (2 count) x 10 IC

Slow squat x 10 IC

Burpees x 5 OYO

The Thang

Mosey to coupon collection and each PAX choose one or two any size. Mosey to lower gate with coupons. Explain game.

Checkers up a hill

There is a veritable checkerboard up to the pavilion in that that there are red and black squares on the path up (with normal concrete squares in between). Goal: make it to the pavilion in one piece. Rules: Mosey with your coupon(s) to next available space (red or black). Once you get to the space, place your coupon(s) down. If red, do 10 Bonnie Blairs or 10 single count Merkins. If black, do 10 squats or 5 burpees. If a coupon (and PAX) are occupying the space you approach, skip that space to the next available space, even if this means you are skipping multiple spaces because the next several spaces are occupied. If you are in the lead space when you have finished your reps on your space, you lunge to the next space. If you are in the rear space, you mosey to the next available space immediately behind the next closest space occupied by another PAX and their coupon.

Dips on pavilion benches until all in.

Mosey with coupons to return coupons. Mosey to base of short hill. Bear crawl up short hill. Crab walk along hill rim, then bear crawl, then lunge, then mosey to top of big hill. Walk down big hill. Big boy situps until all at the bottom of the big hill. Walk up big hill. Time.


CIRCLE OF TRUST: The Big Thank You. When I was about in 7th or 8th grade I co-taught a 4th grade boys Sunday School class with my Dad. In that class my Dad coined the phrase, The Big Thank You. The Big Thank You is all of life. You have been given a gift. I don’t deserve the life I have. For me, I believe I have been given a new life in Christ and that He has designed me to do things in this life. Things to do that do not earn me favor with my Heavenly Father, but things I am freed up to do because my favor status with God is already in place by Christ. Therefore, instead of doing to earn, my doing can be pure thanks, or the Big Thank You. Does this hill have a name? I move to call it “The Big Thank You”.



The motion to call the big hill, The Big Thank You passed. PAX seemed surprised, nay, thankful to walk up the hill as the last exercise. For some reason, some thought we would jailbreak up The Big Thank You. Like we ever do anything crazy like that… It took us 30 minutes to make it about halfway up the checkerboard path. Then we had an epiphany regarding how to move the group about 3 times the speed by timing our rep finishes just right so that we could each skip 6 or 7 spaces each time. The Big Thank You is still big.


Iron Pax is still over.

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