400s again: No stop till Merlot!

QIC: Couch Potato

Date: 10/07/2019

PAX: Red Tees, Radiohead, Hasbro, Truck Yeah, U-turn, Lloyd

AO: Huey


cool for the first time in a while


1x 400 lap at conversational pace

Side Straddle Hop

Animal movement series- (Bear Crawl, Crab forward and back, Gorilla, forward, left right and backwards, Walking Peter Parker)

Stretching series – (chicken wing, overhead arm pull, chest stretch, forward fold to surfer, pigeon)

The Thang

400s again! Yep!
 4x 400s again, with 3x exercises and short rest in between each 400; each of the first 3x 400s were supposed to be done at 95%, the last at 100%. 

1st rotation – 400m @95% perceived effort –  Cadence push ups – Cadence Flutterkicks – Lunges 

2nd rotation – 400m @95% perceived effort – leg lifter push ups, 90 seconds plank, 3-way lunge with kick

3rd rotation – 400m @95% perceived effort – Blast off pushup, plank with alternating knee to elbow hold, 

4th rotation – 400m @100%perceived effort – Buddy push up, (low five), Buddy F$%^&er leg throw, 

Lying spinal twist and heels to heaven as closing


quick words on racing to train, training is exercise with ikigai


only a few showed, but Geeksquad brought the flag, near Merlot morning for some


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