Get Old, Get through it, Gain Wisdom, Share the Wisdom

QIC: Sunburn

Date: 10/26/2019

PAX: Fissure, She Shed, Ringwald, Uncle Fester, Skitch, Cowbell, Back Pew, Moneyball, Captain D (Sandhills, Columbia, SC), FNG – Farmhouse

AO: Landfill


Slight Rain and cooler then its been.


Disclaimer delivered and ended with “It’s gonna hurt”


Forward Fold

Willie Mays Hayes

Imperial Walkers


Mosey to the bottom lot


Little Baby Arm Circles – Forward/Backwards

Seal Claps

Raise the Roof

Bonnie Blairs

Back Pew Showed up so now we can get started

The Thang

Mosey to the entrance of the park

Sprint/Jog every other light pole until we’re back to the lower parking lot.

Bear Crawl end of parking lot and job back x3

Mosey up to THE MOUNTAIN

Lunges Up to top – Shoulder taps then back down.

Bernie Sanders to top – Shoulder Taps then back down

Run to top and back down.

Mosey to middle parking lot:

25 LBC’s / Run to end & Back

15 Merkins / Run to end & run back

15 Squats / Run to end & Back

10 Carolina Dry Dock’s / Run to end & Back

10 Bonnie Blairs / Run to end & Back

Mosey to main parking lot;

20 Merkins

10 Carolina Dry Docks

25 LCB’s

Broad Jump Burpees to the end of lot

End with a 2 minute low plank


Embrace the the hard things and use them as a chance to learn, overcome and grow. With age comes wisdom and share that wisdom with others.


She Shed brought his Father In Law (Farmhouse). Lot’s of chatter asking questions. Moneyball decided to to test his pain tolerance by planting himself in the middle of an ant pile. 36 bites later we think he’ll live.


3 Year anniversary convergence Sat Nov 16th at Brainerd Crossroads (BX)

New AO at the BX Official launch in 3 weeks.

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