Leaders don’t smoke, they VAPE

QIC: Prosciutto

Date: 11/02/2019

PAX: Escobar, Fissure, Fly-By (Respect), Focker (Hate Hate), Goose, Mayhem (Respect), Peanuts, Steam Engine, She Shed, Skitch, The Count (Respect), Uncle Fester, Whittler

AO: Landfill


Fall is so woke right now it already got Winter figured out

32 degrees and chill….


Signal Mtn Climbers
ST Squats
ST Merkins
…. something else…
Mosey to top gate and share the Vision, then right to it; 10 burpees and then a mosey to bottom gate
Bottom Gate – 10 Burpees

The Thang

Vision – Need to get back to top (eventually) = Vision; The ability to receognize advantage and the movement required to achieve it. If you don’t know where you’re going (or why), then you cannot influence others to follow you there.

Circle Burp – All Pax perform called exercise until a man calls down, then all go down for Burpee and then immediately back up to continue called exercise

Burpees / Called Exercise: SSH
Run to Dog Park area
Burpees / Called Exercise: Squats
Run to Pavillion
Burpees / Plank
Mosey to Bottom of Hill for Bernie

Articulation – A quick lesson on lack of vision in a leader and proper instruction adherance. In order to effectively lead, a leader must clearly communicate the vision. With a clear understanding of vision – people will not abandon the vision.
1/2 & 1/2
Counted off by two’s. Half the group goes to one end of the field (pavillion) with the Q, other half of group goes to the other. Only one group has the Q with the vision and articulated plan…
Q Group performs, Jump Lunges x 10 (each leg), Squats x 10, High Knees x 10
Non-Q Group does???? Nothing – they yelled at the Q group asking what to do…
Lesson learnt.

Persuasion – Even with recognition that a leader’s vision is advantageous, it’s human nature to cling to Status Quo. With persuasion a leader can convince others to begin movement & gain momentum.

Tunnel of Love
All men line up (in a line, imagine that) and zipper plank. Man at the back army crawls under and through the men planking

*Grab a rock

Exhortation – Perhaps the most important of the four skills; requires empathy and candor by a leader. Given that a movement can cause uncontrollable or unforeseen circumstances, a leader can recognize that upfront and is ready to exhort and incentivize followers to overcome circumstances and maintain momentum.
11’s on the Hill – Increment ejercicio at the bottom/Decrement ejercicio at the top
Merkins (bottom) & Curls with Rock (top) with run up Hill betwixt the two.

Flutter, Freddie Mercuries, LBC, Hollywoods, V-Ups (Aye! Whittler), maybe something else…


From the Q-Source’s third quadrant (Lead Right) of leadership, YHC felt it was a good time to discuss the four capabilities of Effective Leadership.

The Leadership Skills are the four capabilities of Effective Leadership that enable a man do what a Leader does

Leadership is Influencing Movement to Advantage. To do that Effectively, a man must Competently apply the Leadership Skills:

First, he must have Vision, which is the ability to recognize Advantage and the Movement required to achieve it. If he does not know where he is going and why, then he will not be able to Influence anyone else to follow him there.

Second, he must be capable of Articulation, which is the act of describing his Vision to others. People will not abandon their Status Quo for a superior position unless they understand where they are going.

 Third, he possess the means of Persuasion, which is the initiation of first Movement. Despite their recognition that a Leader’s Vision is Advantageous, human nature is to cling to the Status Quo even it is inferior. Through Persuasion, a Leader convinces people to begin Movement and gain Momentum.

Fourth, because Movement produces uncontrollable circumstances, the Leader knows that Obstacles (Problems that impede Movement) will inevitably arise. An Effective Leader is ready to use Exhortation to incentivize his followers to breach Obstacles and maintain Momentum toward Advantage.


The gates of the Landfill claimed another victim in Gusher who had the right idea, but not the right intel (my bad), but saw the closed gates. He chose to do the hard thing, took the DRP and went to Hill City for his own downpainment. AYE!

Fissure & Whittler must be some serious buds as they wouldn’t quiet down – so the 11’s were effective in silencing that rhetoric (for a short time).

Friends, it’s simple, if you want to make the pax happy, bring coffeeteria to the gloom. Works every time.

Cell phone ringers set to Crickets are hard to find. Elusive doesn’t even begin to describe it.


Convergence 11/16 – 3rd birthday of F3 Chattanooga at the next new AO in town – Brainerd Baptist. Stay tuned for details coming soon in ‘Announcements’ channel.

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