Dora + Bear Crawl + Dora + Crawl Bear = Boneyard Bonanza

QIC: Jazzy Jag

Date: 11/5/2019

PAX: Candu, Vanilla, Dirk, Sidekick, Sunburn (R), Ascot, Milkman, Pebbles, Lady Scot, Fissure, Peanuts

AO: Boneyard


A little warmer than the last few days. 45 deg and clear


Mosey to the front of the rec center, past the front of the school, down the hill back to the track, jailbreak up the hill by the tennis courts to the back of Winn-Dixie Bi-Lo Food City.

Sshs x 20

Slow merkins x 10

Willie Mays hays x 10 each leg

Fire hydrants x 10 each leg

Sshs x 15 faster

Carolina dry docks x 10

Imperial walker x 10 each leg

Forward fold x 10

Sumo leg lifts x 10 each leg

Sshs x 10 faster

The Thang

A little Guns n Roses helped get the blood flowing for Dora
Dora x 2
PAX counted off for random partners, one partner traveled while one partner exercised. Travel partner had a 25? yard down and back with the option of either 1)Bernie Sanders down and bear crawl back or 2) run down and crawl bear back.

Dora #1 Exercises as follows:

25 bonnie blairs each leg

50 merkins

75 squats

100 fire hydrants each leg

125 flutter kicks total

Dora #2 Exercises as follows:

~35 roly polys

100 jump squats

150 plank jacks

200 lunges in place

250 LBCs



Word of the day is “strength.” We all come to F3 to get stronger mentally, physically and to build stronger relationships. What do we do with our strength? Q shared about recent struggles in parenting not using strength in anger – making my kids do something because I am frustrated with them, but realizing later it scared them or hurt them. That is not the kind of strength I need to be cultivating. PAX were encouraged to find ways they can use their strength and leadership to build up family, friends, community.


Q was very lucky Fissure found a piece of trash on the ground with the second Dora written on it- this saved the PAX from a very short, easy workout.

We may be the test cases for how the human body responds to 100+ fire hydrants. Results to follow

Q tried to manufacture an obstacle course on the mosey by finding approximately 37 curbs to hop over in 1/2 mile.

Roly-poly mania is beginning to sweep through F3 Chatt – everyone should be practicing OTB


11/16 Convergence at BX – new AO in Brainerd – be there, 7am.

Boneyard shirts – AOQ requests a leader from Boneyard step up to spearhead this effort, reach out on Slack if interested

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