Once you hear the siren, It’s already too late

QIC: 9-Volt

Date: 11/05/2019

PAX: Deep Dish, Mrs. Baker, El Chapo, Topless,Clothespin

AO: The Battery


NOT my warm bed


Mosey from flags to base of Mount Evil.

  1.  SSH x 20 IC
  2. Abe Vagoda x 20 IC
  3. SSH x 20 IC
  4. Arm Circles
    1. Forward x 15 IC
    2. Reverse x 15 IC
  5. Seal Clap x 15 IC
  6. Chinook x 15
  7. SSH x 20 IC
  8. Goblet Squats x 20 IC

       Mosey up Mount Evil to large frowny face on pavement

The Thang

Pax spreads out around 35 ft diameter circle with one at the dealer’s spot and one at the gamblers spot.
The dealer will choose a card from the deck. Each card has an exercise listed. The rep count is as follows;
Face cards = card number + 10
Royals = 25
Ace = 50
Joker – PAX sprints down and back up Mount Evil
The gambler rolls the dice to determine the mode of travel between exercises
1 = Lunge
2=Bear Crawl
3=Crab walk
6=Gambler’s Choice
The PAX performs the given exercise then completes one lap around the circle with two new people at the dealer and gambler spots.

Mosey down to flags for Marys
Pickle Pointer with left leg raised x 10 IC
Pickle Pointer with right leg raised x 10 IC
100’s x 20 x IC


No wisdom was to be found


No dead hookers were harmed in the making of this beat down



November 16 – Convergence at The RidgeCut
November 23 – The Battery aniversary