Focus and Awareness

QIC:  Mr. Clean

Date: 3/27/2020

PAX: Back Pew, Band Camp, Blindside, Burrito, Cable Cutter, Chief, Dundee, Footloose, Geek Squad, Hambone, Hasbro, Mardi Gras, Milkman, MoneyBall, Mr. Met, Payload, Recycle, Roomba, She Shed, Snow Cream, U-Turn

AO: Lions Den


60’s. Light Drizzle.


SSH – 15 IC

Shoulder Blaster

  • BAC – 15 IC
  • Reverse BAC – 15 IC
  • MNC – 15 IC
  • Cherry Pickers – 15 IC
  • Seal Claps – 15 IC
  • Overhead Claps – 15 IC
  • Mike Tysons – 15 IC
  • Chinhooks – 15 IC
  • Front Raises – 15 IC
  • Overhead Press – 15 IC
  • Albatross – 15 IC
  • 45° Holds – 15 IC 

Forward Fold – 15 IC

Willie Mays Hays – 15 IC 

The Thang

Designed workout to continue attempts to honor social distancing. All rep counts have significance.

Separation Stations

Blindside Yells: “Activate Glutes” — 15 Monkey Humpers

Burrito Yells: “Bring Sally Up” — 10 Jump Squats

Geek Squad Yells: “Bust a Move” — 5 Half Burpees aka Squat Thrust

MoneyBall Yells: “Hey Kool-Aid” — Jail Break to 3rd Light Pole on Hill

Station 1                   

Shoulder Press — 39               

Close Grip Bent Over Rows — 42           

Curls — 25                       

Dips — 39                       

Wide Merkins — 42                   

Station 2

Michael Phelps — 81

Wide Grip Bent Over Rows — 42

42’s Curls (14 Low Curls, 14 High Curls, & 14 Full Curls)

Diamond Merkins — 25

No Weight Flies — 81

Station 3                   

Coupon Swings — 39               

Upright Rows — 42               

Reverse/Overhand Curls — 25           

Skull Crushers — 25                   

Inchworm Merkins — 25                

Station 4

Alternating Shoulder Taps — 81

One-Arm Lawnmowers — 42 (21 Each Arm)

Hammer Curls — 25

Close Grip Bench — 39

Decline Merkins — 42


15 in the warm-up for 15% of Americans battling mental illness.

42 for the TN’s rank in providing care for YOUTH with mental illness.

38 for TN’s overall rank in mental illness care.

25 for Youth who did not receive any services

Psalm 13:1-6

1 How long, Lord? Will you forget me forever?

    How long will you hide your face from me?

2 How long must I wrestle with my thoughts

    and day after day have sorrow in my heart?

    How long will my enemy triumph over me?

3 Look on me and answer, Lord my God.

    Give light to my eyes, or I will sleep in death,

4 and my enemy will say, “I have overcome him,”

    and my foes will rejoice when I fall.

5 But I trust in your unfailing love;

    my heart rejoices in your salvation.

6 I will sing the Lord’s praise,

    for he has been good to me.

Luke 12:25 Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to your life?

1 Peter 5:7 Cast all your anxiety upon the Lord because he cares for you.

Ephesians 4:26 In your anger do not sin, do not let the sun set while you are angry. Do not let the devil get a foothold

Revelation 3:20 Here I am! I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with that person, and they with me.

NONE of the words I’ve read are new, BUT ALL the words I have read are TRUE! As you leave today take an awareness of the mental illness problem we face in our country, BUT DO NOT focus on these problems.  Turn YOUR focus to the passages I’ve read and the comfort we take in GOD.


22 HIM. Lion’s Den. Friday…..Too much to add


Memorial Day Convergence 0700 The Hot Dame

Recent Backblasts

    Run Forrest Run – Lions Den 12/18/19

    QIC: John Doe

    Date: 12/18/2019

    PAX: Friar Tuck, Free Time, Ohms, Coypu, Fissure, Blindside, Burrito, The Count (RR)

    AO: Lions Den


    According to The Count, it was a perfect and beautiful morning. It was also cold and crisp with clear skies


    Mosey 400m; SSH – 25 (IC), Forward Folds – 10 (IC), Third Grade Exercises – 10 (IC), Willie Mays Hays – 10 (IC), SSH – 25 (IC)

    The Thang

    Burpee Apocalypse – 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1

    Run 400M then head to endzone for….

    Run Forrest Run

    Sprint 20 yds, Jog 20yds (5 times)

    Sprint 40 yds, Jog 40 yds (5 times)

    Sprint 60 yds, Jog 60 yds (5 times)

    Sprint 100 yds, Jog 100yds (2 times)

    Sprint 200m, Jog 200m (2 times)

    Close the last 6 minutes with 6 minutes of PAX lead Mary


    Just finished reading Freed to Lead – mentioned how the book talks of everyone has a dolphin and a daffodil with my interpretation being everyone has a specific and unique talent (dolphin) and a specific and unique passion (daffodil). And that we are individually created with a Divine Design. When that talent intersect with that passion then we know where our Divine Design lays, and to chase and embrace it. I’m still searching but getting closer every day. Challenged the PAX to find a starting point to seek their own Divine Design, and to start with asking those close to them (friends, family, spouses) if they were to describe you in one word, what would it be? You will find commonalities and that may very well be the staring point to where you were meant to go.

    BALL OF MAN: Prayers for The Count’s Brother; Prayers for all those families traveling over Christmas


    Burrito covered a lot on the Lions Den Channel, but there’s always so much more when theres a rolled tortilla around. But here’s some cliff notes…Ohms is as fast as advertised. Not kidding he’s fast. Coypu does move quick for a guy of his stature. The Count might be the fittest person in F3…he rucked 6 miles prior and then did all these sprints. Unreal. Friar Tuck does not quit!

    Oh, and there were a lot of Whittler mom jokes coming from a certain corner….unfortunately he wasn’t there to defend himself


    Bring Hoodies, Jackets, etc to your AO

    Convergence at Lions Den on 1/1/2019

    Recent Backblasts

      Money Ball Merkin Makeover

      QIC: Money Ball

      Date: 12/11/2019

      PAX: Blindside, Friar Tuck, Fissure, The Count (RR), Back Fire, Oil Can

      AO: Lions Den


      29 degrees with a smidge of awesomeness….


      Willy Mayes Hayes x 10 IC
      Toe Merkins x 20 OYO
      Forward fold SC
      Monkey Humpers x 15 IC
      LBAC x 10 Forward/Reverse
      Imperial Walkers x 15 IC
      SSH x 20 IC

      The Thang

      Mosey to hill behind the stands
      Merkins x 10 SC IC (DOWN #1, DOWN #2….)
      Mosey over the hill and down the stairs to track
      Plank till 6 in (alternate who called down)
      Merkins x 10 SC IC (SC = Single Count)
      Mosey around track to first set of steps
      Squats till 6 in
      Merkins x 10 SC IC
      Mosey up & down all steps then down last steps to track
      Plank till 6 in
      Merkins x 10 SC IC
      Mosey to parking lot
      Squats till 6 in
      Merkins x 10 SC IC
      Mosey to gymnasium
      Plank till 6
      Merkins x 10 SC IC
      Mosey to end of the building
      Squats till 6 in
      Merkins x 10 SC IC
      Mosey to hill
      Squats till 6 in
      Merkins x 10 SC IC
      Indian plank run to 4th light at the top
      Merkins x 10 SC IC
      Mosey to end of building
      Squats till 6 in
      Merkins x 10 SC IC
      Mosey to gymnasium
      Squats till 6 in
      Merkins x 10 SC IC
      Mosey to parking lot
      Squats till 6 in
      Merkins x 10 SC IC
      Mosey to pad
      2 minutes of Medicine ball big boi sit ups side by side.
      20 Squats OYO

      Slow Mosey lap of track
      2 minutes of Medicine Ball BBSU
      20 Squats OYO – TIME!


      Don’t get caught up in the materialism of Christmas, its not about you, your kids or stuff, its about Jesus, the birth of our Savior and the Hope of the world.

      I spent more than half of my life seeking stuff, wanting stuff, buying stuff, all trying to fill a God shaped hole. Growing up with nothing I sought materialism to make me feel successful, adequate or to know I measured up. Don’t buy the lies this Christmas season. Jesus is the reason for the season, not me, you or your kids, we have our own birthdays….


      Oil Can is now “Earl Clan” apparently

      The Count has been nominated for the “Charmin Award” at The Gloomies


      No Christmas Day Workout

      New Years Day Convergence at Lions Den – BE THERE! 1/1/2020

      THE GLOOMIES – 6:30pm 1/13/2020 Look on the Announcement Channel on Slack, its a Date Night, No 2.0’s, Catered $15 per / $30 per Couple must pay in advance by 1/6/20. Its going to awesome, make your plans now to be there!

      Recent Backblasts

        Landfill: Planking in the Rain!

        QIC: Moneyball

        Date: 11/23/2019

        PAX: Skitch, Back Pew, FNG – Katrina

        AO: Landfill


        Rain, Rain and more Rain at 54 degrees…. Perfect!


        Frog Squat silent count

        Forward Fold x 10 IC

        Monkey Humpers x 10 IC

        Big Arm Circles Forward & Reverse x 10 IC

        Slow Willie Mayes Hayes x 10 IC

        Toe Merkins x 20 OYO

        SSH x 30 IC

        Slow Merkins x 10 IC, stay in Plank

        Shoulder Taps x 20 OYO (10 each shoulder)

        SSH x 25 IC

        *Mosey to the bottom of the hill (Bottom Gate)

        *Native Indigenous People Plank Run up to first Parking Lot using the sidewalk. Every 3 squares plank until all have ran by. Repeat until we get to brick crossing. Hold plank all together, 10 Merkins OYO, hold plank, 10 Carolina Dry Docks OYO, Forward Fold Silent count, Shoulder presses x 10 IC.

        *Mosey to Second Parking Lot, mix in Bernies, Karaokes & High knees.

        The Thang

        At The Parking Lot
        Partner up for Cardio Dora - Fast Pace, quick changes.
        #1 #2
        100 Merkins - Mosey
        200 Squats - Bernie
        300 LBC's - Mosey

        Back to sidewalk

        *Native Indigenous People Plank Run up to pavilion from second parking lot.

        This time every 5 squares, plank with 2 Merkins, jail break on every run. Final square plank together. 5 Merkins, 5 Carolina dry docks, Forward Fold, Shoulder presses x 15 IC, Cherry Pickers x 20 IC, Bouncing Moroccan Night Clubs x 10 IC, slow Big Arm circles forward & reverse x 10 IC.

        • 20 dips, 20 Merkins (incline or decline) x 2 OYO (40 each exercise)
        • Wall sit in Chair position x 10 IC
        • Bus Driver X 15 IC
        • Shoulder Press x 20 IC, recover
        • Muhammad Ali’s x 15 IC
        • Joe Frazier’s x 15 IC, recover
        • Shoulder Press x 15 IC
        • American Hammers x 15 IC, recover, TIME!


        F3 is more than a workout. Connect with these men who keep showing up and reach out to the ones who you haven’t seen in a while. Prayers for Countdown who recently lost his Mother. Prayers for Marriages & Relationships. Prayers for The Counts Brother Bob. Continued Prayers for the Men of F3.


        Skitch, Back Pew and myself were so impressed with Uncle Festers FNG who didn’t let the rain stop him from coming for the first time. We named him Katrina after the well known Hurricane. What a great first workout story!

        The 300 Little Baby Crunches during the Dora made it a puddle party…….


        Convergence at HILL CITY at 5:30am – Skitch & Ironbutt – Be THERE!

        Recent Backblasts

          500! at The Lions Den 11/13/19

          QIC: Moneyball

          Date: 11/13/2019

          PAX: The Count, Blindside, Chum

          AO: Lions Den


          21 degrees and breezy……..


          Slow Willie Mayes Hayes x 10 IC, SSH’s x 25 IC, Fast Little Baby Arm circles forward and reverse x 15 IC, Keep arms Up, Squatting Cherry Pickers x 15 IC, Hold Squat w/Shoulders Presses x 15 IC, Slow Merkins x 20 IC, Forward Fold silent count, Frog Squat silent count, SSH’s x 20 IC, Mosey around the track……

          The Thang


          Start at the pad behind the field goal.

          PAX to do 100 reps of these exercises (Merkins, LBC’s, Lunges, Imperial Walkers, Flutter Kicks) then take a lap of the track, we’ll do this 5 times, hence the title 500! PAX must do 100 of each exercise by the completion of all 5 rounds, e.g. you could 20 of each exercise per round before you run the lap. 100 reps then take a lap, rinse and repeat.

          When PAX is finished with all 5 rounds mosey to the football stands.

          25 dips then 25 reverse merkins on the bars (lay on your back and pull up) Rinse and Repeat until time is up…

          Mosey back to pad. PAX had time for a few stretches to warm down, Slow Willie Mayes Hayes x 10 IC and Forward Fold silent count…. TIME!


          The PAX were few but the effort was Huge! Half the battle was getting out of bed especially when its 21 degrees outside. Men who will show up in these conditions will show up when life gets tough and you need help…F3 is more than a workout.


          Double glove kinda of weather…We warmed up fast and didn’t stop until it was over..Had the 80’s rock tunes cranked up on the bluetooth, music makes any workout better!! Period!


          Ridgecut Convergence 11/16/19 at the Brainerd BX soccer field. No Landfill or Battery.

          Thanksgiving at HILL CITY 5:30am

          Recent Backblasts

            “I Got Your Back!” – Moneyball Lions Den 11/6/19

            QIC: Moneyball

            Date: 11/06/2019

            PAX:  Blindside, Friar Tuck, On Tilt, Fissure, Ironbutt (Rx2), Ohms, Chum, Bullpen, Skitch, Chief, The Count (Rx2), Sherlock, Backfire

            AO: Lions Den


            Chilly, but we warmed up fast!


            Quick disclaimer to the #DenMen
            Little Baby Arm Circles F & R x 10 IC, KEEP EM UP!
            Shoulder Press x 10 IC, KEEP EM UP!
            Cherry Pickers x 10 IC, KEEP EM UP!
            Moroccan Nightclub x 10 IC, RECOVER!
            SLOW Merkins x 10 IC recover
            SLOW Willie Mayes Hayes x 10 IC START RIGHT
            Frog Squat silent count
            Michael Phelps Forward Fold x 10 IC (Slappin’ ya back)
            Toe Merkins x 20 OYO
            SSH x 35 IC
            Mosey Indian Lap around Track

            The Thang

            “I got your back!”
            Partner up similar to size if possible.
            Shoulder Shrugs x 10 IC
            On your six back to back, lock arms and get up x5
            20 See Saw Squats DEMO with Blindside (3 count = 1)
            20 Side Step Squats with arms still locked back to back
            Take a lap around track OYO – HOLD UPWARD DOG til six is in
            Mosey to the bottom of the hill behind the stands

            Dora, Tire & Hill Climb
            Back to partners
            First group take turns pushing tire up the hill

            Then rotate until EVERYONE twosome pushes the tire.
            Everyone else: DORA
            3 cones up the hill
            100 Merkins, 200 LBC’s, rinse & repeat until we finish.
            RUN (Jail Break) to 1st cone
            LUNGE to 2nd cone
            BEAR CRAWL to 3rd cone Mosey back, tag partner, Dora.

            Mosey back to parking lot.


            We worked together in pairs back to back to symbolize that we have each others back. and sometime we need to pick each other up. Some of the exercises were easier than others, but we still had each others back. Find a brother who you can do life with and have each others back. Its important!


            Ohms and The Count made the see saw squats look easy, Fissure and Backfire not so much!


            Convergence on 11/16 at the NEW RIDGECUT. Thanksgiving at Hill City @ 5:30am

            Recent Backblasts

              Merkin Mania with Blindisde @LIONS DEN 10/30

              QIC: Blindside

              Date: 10/30/2019

              PAX: Moneyball, Ironbutt (Respect x2), Friar Tuck, Chum, Bullpen, Burrito

              AO: Lions Den


              A wet one and 70 degrees


              • 1 Lap Warm-up
              • Side Straddle Hops X 12 IC
              • Baby arm circles X 10 (forward, reverse, cherry pickers, press) IC
              • Side Straddle Hops X 12 IC
              • Merkins X 10 IC
              • Side Straddle Hops X 12 IC
              • Shoulder Taps X 20 OYO
              • Side Straddle Hops X 12 IC
              • Willie Mays Hayes X 10 IC
              • Side Straddle Hops X12 IC

              The Thang

              Round 1 Merkin Mayhem

              • Lunge across to other Side of Pad
              • 25 Standard Merkins
              • High knees Across to other side of Pad
              • 25 Wide Merkins
              • Broad Jump across to other Side of Pad
              • 25 Diamond Merkins
              • Lunge Across to other side of Pad
              • 25 Crucible Merkins 
              • High Knees Across to other side of Pad
              • 25 Right arm forward Merkins
              • Broad Jump
              • 25 Left Arm Forward Merkins

              Round 2 Mini-Dora’s (Partner) 

              •  Box Jump up One Step (Lunge Modify)
              •  100 Incline Merkins
              •  200 Pull-Ups
              •  300 LBC’s

              Round 3 

              •  Run to the end of Track and Back
              •  100 Decline Merkins
              •  200 Squats
              •  300 Flutter Kicks

              Round 4 Mini-4 Corners

              • Run to EndZone on Track
              • 25 Plank Jacks
              • Run to Other End of Same Endzone on Track
              • 25 Shoulder Taps
              • Run to 50 Yard Line 
              • 25 Dips on Bleachers
              • Run to Pad
              • 15 Carolina Dry Docks




              Recent Backblasts

                We rounded all four corners, Twice.

                QIC: Money Ball

                Date: 10/02/2019

                PAX: She Shed, Blindside, Steam Engine, Milkman, FNG-Scalper, Radio Head, The Count, Ohms, Skitch

                AO: Lions Den


                B.E.A. utiful! & 70


                Mosey from parking lot to Field Goal pad.

                Willie Mays Hayes Windmills x 15 IC, 3rd Grade Exercise x 10 IC, Toe Merkins x 10 IC, Forward Fold (silent count), It’s Good Stretch each leg & hold, Little Baby Arm Circles x 15 IC, Reverse LBAC’s x 15 IC, SSH & Merkins 5 on 5’s ( 5x SSH, 5x Merkins, alternate to 50 total or 25 each exercise)

                Mosey to Stadium Steps. Long slow Lunges up to top, walk down, 10 Incline Merkins IC, Box Jump to the top of stairs, walk down to track.

                Indian Mosey Lap (400m)

                The Thang

                We Rounded ALL Four Corners, TWICE!

                #1  –  50 Merkins OYO, Hold Plank, Bernie to next corner

                #2  –  50 Deep Squats OYO,  2 Tractor Tire Flips, Hold Al Gore, Mosey to next corner

                #3  –  50 Carolina Dry Docks OYO, Over Head Presses, Bernie to next corner

                #4  –  100 Little Baby Crunches OYO, 15 Pickle Pointers, 15 Ankle Touches, Mosey to #1

                Mosey back to Field Goal Pad, Held Plank till 6, then 5 Penalty Burpees. 



                I shared a page from my Journal Through The Word. We are reading through Psalms and I shared Ps. 9:10 – “and those who know your name will put their trust in you. For you, Lord, have not forsaken those who seek you.”

                I challenged myself to seek Him more in my daily walk and offered up this quote:

                “Faith is an intelligent grace; though there can be knowledge without faith, there can be no faith without knowledge….”  


                We had “a” Flag thanks to The Count, but not “THE” Flag! Ohms is going to report back the whereabouts… So, thanks to The Count we only did 5 Burpees….

                The Tractor tire will get a lot of use going forward. I saw some beasts out there tossing that thing around like it was nothing….Let’s make this our thing somehow, like The Boneyard has the Burpee Bus, we can come up with something cool related to the Tire? Which reminds me we need some Sledge Hammers, Anyone??

                I’m going to try and get “Den Men” to stick as a new nickname for the Lions Den PAX…. Maybe a “Shirtz” in our future???

                We agreed we were going to enjoy this morning weather as long as we could.


                Dad’s & 2.0’s coming up on October 19th!

                Recent Backblasts

                  “Kicking” it with Moneyball

                  QIC: Moneyball

                  Date: 09/21/2019

                  PAX: Ironbutt (Respectx2), Skitch, Sunburn (Respect), Ringwald, Stars, Nitro Circus, Uncle Fester, FNG – Outbreak, Threeskin, Pink Panther

                  AO: Landfill


                  A perfect pre-fall 60 degrees


                  Quick disclaimer.
                  Partner up. Don’t leave each other all morning. Push each other.
                  Slow Mosey down the Hill. Hold plank till 6 is in.
                  SSH x 30 IC
                  Forward Fold – silent count. Down, Up.
                  Slow Windmill Willie Mays Hays x 10 IC starting to your right. Exercise.
                  Mosey up the Hill – first parking lot (partner)
                  on your 6 – butterfly stretches x 10 IC recover
                  Smurf Jacks x 10 IC
                  Little baby arm circles x 10 IC
                  Should taps x 10 per arm OYO, recover.
                  Reverse little baby arm circles x 10 IC keep em up!
                  Cherry Pickers x 10 IC
                  Mosey to second parking lot

                  SSH x 25 IC
                  Toe Merkins x 10 OYO
                  Stretch Kick x 10 each leg OYO
                  Mosey to playground
                  Merkins x 20 OYO

                  Mosey to Pavilion
                  LEG STRETCHES – 20 Ax Kicks OYO 
                  Knees to Chest 5 each leg OYO
                  *NEW* Kneeling “It’s Good” Stretch – Football players

                  The Thang

                  “Kickin’ it with MoneyBall”
                  Kicking/Punching Demonstrations

                  ROUND 1 
                  50 Front Kicks – 25 x each leg (PADS BE POPPIN’)
                  Partner 1 kicks, Partner 2 holds Al Gore while holding the kicking paddle
                  Rd 1 Dora , 50 Merkins  & 50 Squats while running to soccer goal.

                  ROUND 2

                  50 punches – 25 x each arm 

                  Rd 2 Dora, 50 LBC’s & 50 SSH’s while partner runs to soccer goal.

                  ROUND 3 50 Round House Kicks – 25 each leg followed by Rd 1 Dora

                  ROUND 4 50 Stretch Kicks (Ax) – 25 each leg followed by Rd 2 Dora

                  ROUND 5 30 Sidekicks – 15 each leg followed by Rd 1 Dora

                  90 second Plank to complete workout



                  We partnered up in the beginning of the workout to symbolize as men we need other men in our lives, for accountability, fellowship, encouragement and affirmation.

                  We are better together. Find a bro you can “Kick” it with!

                  Today’s workout was all about getting the HIMS out of their comfort zone and to do something unfamiliar like kicking and punching targets. Payback for all the workouts when I felt awkward or not confident of my exercise form 🙂 


                  Q needed help during warm up – right calf injury still not recovered from Friday beat down at Hacksaw. SSH’s were killing him…..

                  Lots of groaning as they were asked to kicked a little higher and use muscles and joints that don’t get used that much….

                  Q observed that no ones knees are safe around these men, with the exception of Uncle Fester, his FNG – Outbreak & Pink Panther who were at least landing kicks above the waist! 😉


                  IronPax final week, 2 VQ’s this week, Stay Tuned and Show up!

                  Recent Backblasts

                    Don’t Hurdle Yourself!

                    QIC: Money Ball

                    Date: 8/28/19

                    PAX: Milkman, Red Tees, Gretel, Laces Out, Skitch, Blindside, Geek Squad, Sidekick, She Shed

                    AO: Lions Den


                    Perfect, felt like Fall.


                    Windmill Willy Mayes Hayes x 10 IC
                    Monkey Humpers x 10 IC
                    SSH x 31 IC
                    Michael Phelps x 10 IC
                    SSH x 21 IC
                    Little Baby Arm Circles x 10 IC
                    Reverse x 10 IC
                    Smurf Jacks x 11 IC
                    Stadium run all 6 stairs on the home side. Meet on the track.

                    The Thang

                    PLANK HURDLES with an Indian run feel. 10 cones set up on the track, for 10 rounds.

                    Line up – first person runs to first cone and planks while everyone else does butt kickers or squats. Once the first person is in plank position the second person runs and jumps them, then goes to the second cone and so on until all have gotten into plank. Last person hurdles everyone.

                    Then the first jumps to finish line, and then the second etc, until everyone has finished. Then we’ll mosey back to the start and do it again with everyone moving up a spot in the rotation example #1 becomes #2 and so. We’ll do this until the original #1 is back at the front. 

                    Plankers will alternate from Plank round 1, Merkins round 2, LBC’s Round 3 then back to Planks round 4, keep the rotation till everyone has completed each position on the track.

                    Mosey back to end zone. Do Willie Mayes Hayes while @LacesOut attempts a Field Goal from the track approximately 30yds. If he makes it, 10 Burpees, he misses it 20 Burpees.

                    ITS GOOD!!!


                    Shared my life verse which is Col 3:23 – paraphrased: Work as working for the Lord not for man. Spent too many years of my life chasing the wind, working for my own glory.

                     CIRCLE OF TRUST: The terminating stage of each Workout, wherein the PAX form a circle and conduct Counterama, Namerama, Announcearama and the Ball Of Man.
                    BALL OF MAN: Congregation of two or more men in physical contact, usually (but not exclusively) in the prayer that terminates the COT. Abbr: BOM]


                    Lots of steps in the stands and the track catches you “red” handed…….


                    Convergence on Labor Day at BEAST RIDGE – Bring an FNG, they’re not working either.

                    Recent Backblasts